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  • Relationship Between Kinetic Friction

    The purpose of this lab is to evaluate the relationship between kinetic friction coefficient and static coefficient as well as measure the coefficients of the two friction. Friction is the force that resists relative tangential movement. Its direction is opposite to the relative velocity. Kinetic friction and static friction are two types of friction. Static Friction happens when the two surface in contact remains relatively stationary to each other. It reaches its maximum value before the…

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  • Friction Characteristics Of NCD Vs Alumina Balls Analysis

    Coatings against Alumina Balls The friction coefficient curves of NCD, MCD and boron-doped diamond films sliding with Al2O3 balls are shown in figure 4, figure 5 and figure 6, respectively, for a sliding speed of 8 m/s and a load of 1N, 5N and 10N, respectively. Figure 4 (a), figure 5 (a) and figure 6 (a) show the friction coefficient of NCD, MCD and BDNCD at 1 N, respectively. Figure 4 (b), figure 5 (b) and figure 6 (b) show the friction coefficient of NCD, MCD and BDNCD at 5 N. Figure 4 (c),…

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  • Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test To Examine The Normality Of

    Standardized coefficients related to structural equation modeling (Path Analysis) The standardized coefficients are used to compare the effects of each component of the model. The absolute value of the coefficient is larger, which means that the impact of the independent variable is greater on the dependent variable. The direct effects of Amos path analysis of statistic t, used to assess the significance of the coefficients in the model. Since the default of significance…

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  • Spurious Regression Statistics

    The result shows that the value of the estimated coefficient of unemployment rate is -0.20. This means that for 1% increase in unemployment rate, infant mortality will go down by 0.20%, other things being constant. Also the P-value of the estimated coefficient is 0.0395, which indicates that we are 95% sure that the estimated effect is significant. The estimated coefficient of poverty rate is 0.1810, which denotes that, ceteris paribus, for 1% increase in poverty…

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  • R-B-C-N Coating Essay

    behaviors and the mean-steady friction coefficients of Cr-B-C-N coatings sliding against SiC balls in artificial seawater. As seen in Fig.10a, it is clear that the CrCN coatings showed higher friction coefficient than other coatings during the tribo-test in artificial seawater. The initial friction coefficient of CrCN coatings was 0.17, while that of CrBCN coatings ranged between 0.14 and 0.15. For the CrCN/SiC tribopairs, the corresponding friction coefficient increased continuously from 0.17…

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  • Cross Elasticity Case Study

    kinds, i.e. substitutes and complementary goods. In case the two goods are not related, the Coefficient of Cross Elasticity is zero. Also, in layman’s term coefficient defined as a multiplier or factor that measured some property. The major key that the author wanted to emphasize was the proportionally of substitutes and complements. In addition, it answered the…

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  • Multiple Regression Analysis Paper

    034). However, individual coefficient analysis indicates that the rank and experience are not influential on the members’ perceptions to on-faculty job performance. The coefficient for occupation is significant, b1 = .11, t=2.07, p < .05. The coefficient is positive, which indicates a positive association between occupation and the perceptions towards job performance. Additionally, the coefficient term for size is significant, b4 = .22, t=3.21, p < .05. The coefficient is positive, which…

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  • Regression Model For Total Edible Oil Consumption

    Household education Index(HEI), Price(P),Total Awareness score on oil(TAS) and the Ratio of Total oil expenditure to Total food expenditure (R) .θ is the disturbance term, α is the intercept term and a, b, c, d, e and f are the corresponding coefficients of the independent variables. Based on the survey data obtained from 360 respondents a regression model is constructed. Ordinary Least Square Estimation technique is used to estimate the parameters. The overall significance of the model was…

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  • Channel Transition Essay

    consequent energy losses. Even if slight change the curvature in transition, the boundary zone of the retarded liquid expands rapidly. Its impact on velocity distributions which become highly uneven with corresponding large values of energy coefficient (α) & momentum coefficient () and fluid flow may fail completely to flow the channel walls. Several experimental studies carried out before to find out the losses in the abrupt expansion (Hinds 1928; Formica, 1955; Smith and Yu, 1966; Mazumdar,…

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  • Body Temperature Estimation

    Body height showed positive significant correlation with both parameters in both males and females. The Correlation coefficient of body height was observed with both foot lengths r=0.70 in males and in females for right foot length r= 0.48 and for left foot length r=0.38.The values of r of body height with knee height in males as 0.74 and in females as 0.51. Knee height…

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