Edwin Arlington Robinson

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  • Themes Of Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Though he was nameless for the first six months of his life, Edwin Arlington Robinson would later become one of the most well known poets from the 20th century. Fame came to Robinson because of his focus on personal failure, materialism, and isolation in his poetry, which are also common themes of the Modernist Era of poetry. Objected to free verse, which was increasingly popular at his time, Edwin stuck with a writing style that was his own, and quite traditional as well. Three of his most prolific poems are Richard Cory, Miniver Cheevy, and Luke Havergal, and their dark themes of isolation and failure brilliantly display why Edwin Arlington Robinson is the best poet of the Modernist Era. Richard Cory is Robinson’s most famous piece of work,…

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  • Irony In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Richard Cory,” is brimming with irony. The brilliant use of situational irony takes the seemingly perfect life of Richard Cory and surprises us all once we reach the last line of Robinson’s poem. In fact, this poem seems eerily similar to Robin Williams’ situation. Richard Cory and Robin Williams both appeared to have their lives together; both rich, always smiling and making other happy, and were both held to higher standards. However, much like Richard Cory,…

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  • Symbolism, And Imagery In Richard Cory By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    In Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Richard Cory,” the main themes are status and wealth do not ensure happiness, and appearances can be deceiving. The poem is about a rich man, named Richard Cory, who appears to have everything. The poor people of the town admire and even envy Richard Cory. However, in reality, Mr. Cory is an extremely unhappy individual, who unexpectedly kills himself. Throughout the poem, Robinson uses symbols, imagery, and irony in order to develop and reinforce the…

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  • Tone And Diction In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Richard Cory is a poem published in 1897 by a poet Edwin Arlington Robinson who won three Pulitzer Prize for his work. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. According to owlcation.com “Richard Cory,” is the story of a man who seems to have it all. The people of the town, who are clearly of a lower financial class, place Richard Cory on a pedestal. The lower class look up to Richard Cory and want to be just like him. The poet’s complex attitude toward Richard Cory is…

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  • Figurative Language In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    “Richard Cory”, written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, portrays a man’s life story only through the effect of his personality upon those who admire him. The poem is separated into four stanzas, each unfolding a different aspect of the protagonist’s life represented by the townspeople. This poem is devoid of almost any literary elements and figurative language; however, the words themselves still have resonance. By formulating assumptions and opinions of how the other half lives, the “people on the…

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  • Richard Cory By Edwin Arlington Robinson: Poem Analysis

    Growing up, my brothers and I were always held to a higher standard than the average kid our age. My mom raised us to be hardworking and strong leaders with opinions of our own. We worked for what we wanted, and never let anyone get in our way. So being success-oriented my whole life has left me to wonder: What is success? And why do so many people have different views on it? Views on success vary depending on how one was raised, what ones morals are, and what goals people set for themselves in…

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  • Modernism In Edwin Arlington Robinson's 'Richard Cory'

    Late in the 1800 's was born a great American poet by the name of Edwin Arlington Robinson. A naturally talented writer, Robinson grew into his profession during an era of struggle. While the world squandered to acquire wealth, and while most failed, the poets of this time solemnly wrote about what was unfolding. Events throughout his life lead to the inspiration for one of his most famous poems, “Richard Cory”. Edwin Arlington Robinson was a poet in the Modernist era significant to American…

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  • Edwin Arlington Robinson's Poem Richard Cory

    In Edwin Arlington Robinsons poem “Richard Cory” the narrator that is telling the story seems to be a person on the street looking at Richard Cory. The narrator is tell us what Cory does and other “people on the pavement” think about him (Robinson 855). Richard Cory is a handsome man, who has money and has great manners. Women want him, and men want to be him. However, he takes his life despite all his fortune. Richard Cory’s character advancement indicates to us, that even when we have…

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  • Summary Of For A Dead Lady, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Throughout his life, American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson faced frustration, poverty, disappointment, and family tragedy. Being the youngest of three sons, Robinson was free to turn to poetry as a career. He started writing at a very young age, and his passion for poetry landed him a spot in Harvard. Unfortunately, Robinson’s fortunes dwindled when his father died in 1892, and the economic panic of 1893 left his family bankrupt. Due to his family's financial difficulties and mother’s failing…

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  • An Analysis Of Edwin Arlington Robinson's Poem Richard Cory

    Edwin Arlington Robinson described a man that appeared to have it all in the poem, “Richard Cory.” The subject was revered by the town’s people and known as a man of great assets and his satisfactory lifestyle. The poem is ended abruptly when Richard Cory shoots himself in the head, taking his own life. The moral of the story is that money and materialistic things offer some level of security and stability, but not necessarily happiness. Though his outward appearance was polished and he seemed…

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