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  • Should Teachers Use Technology In The Classroom

    to be equipped with crucial digital competencies in order to effectively participate in the economic, political and social aspects of this new age and how digital literacies are a pillar of the 21st century” (Chen, 2015). Technology continually impacts our society in giant ways and as educators it is our job to set our students up for success. Teachers are helping prepare our youth for the future which includes getting them prepared for entering the workforce. As technology impacts our society it is not unrealistic that teachers are preparing students for jobs that might not even exist at this moment. In Delgado, Wardlow, McKnight and O’Malley’s research they showed when certain technology programs are brought into schools it can have an effect on the progress of our students but for this to happen we need to be preparing our teachers to implement technology in the most effective and efficient way possible. Bennet speaks of the ten essential elements to producing an effective way of doing this. According to Bennet there is a 10 step plan which includes creating a vision, involving all stake holders, gathering data, review research, integrate technology into the curriculum, commit to professional development, ensure…

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  • Feelings Of Anxiety And Regression Analysis

    after viewing the video due to their substantial positive skewness. Data Findings A significant effect of time on perceived feelings of tension and anxiety was found, t(67) = -3.12, p = .003, d = -.38, with tension-anxiety scores after viewing the video being higher (M = .97, SD = .15) compared to tension-anxiety scores before viewing the video (M = .93, SD = .13). Although the effect size was small to moderate our first hypothesis was supported. A 95% confidence interval of [-.07, -.02]…

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  • The Effects Of Acceptance And Commitment Therapy: A Case Study

    González-Menéndez, Fernández, Rodríguez, and Villagrá (2013) studied the effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on 37 female inmates were incarcerated for a drug-related crime; participants were not abstinent from substances at the beginning of the study. Participants were randomly assigned to ACT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and data was collected for two years (González-Menéndez, 2013). The purpose of the study was to determine the long-term efficacy of ACT on drug abuse…

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  • Autocorrelation And Regression Analysis

    roughly 0.2095, which means that circa 20.95% of all variations in the hourly wage are accounted for by this model. For my second model (See: Exhibit 3), I aimed to evaluate the differences in hourly wages between less physically attractive men and less physically attractive women. In order to identify this potential difference, an interaction variable between “female” and “belavg” (fembelavg=female*belavg) must be included in the model. With the added interaction variable, the results…

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  • Extraversion And Hourly Wages Essay

    Table 5 shows the results of the analysis. In Model one, the bivariate relationship between extraversion and hourly wages indicates a positive effect of extraversion. One point increases in extraversion would lead to 28.4% increase in hourly wages (e0.25=1.284). For those who have a zero on extraversion, they can earn 2.832 (e1.041=2.832) dollar per hour. The bivariate result supports my hypothesis 1 before controlling other variables. That is, extraversion has a positive effect on wages.…

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  • Race And Traffic Violation

    has completed the survey he or she will be directed to a thank you page. Design & Analysis It is expected that race and gender have an effect on the number of traffic violations. The independent variable is gender and race. Gender is the state of being male or female with biological and social aspects. There are two levels male and female. It is measured by how the participant identifies themselves in the survey. He or she will do this by checking male or female. In this study there are two…

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  • Effects Of Group Size

    Effects of Group Size. (Pg. 160) There is strength in numbers. The MS13 are a huge gang, they control whole blocks and are what some people have to deal with all their lives. These kids that live around these gang areas are afraid to be on the streets. The only way they feel safe is if they are a part of one of these gangs. The gang considers themselves a family. While they bring fear to normal civilians, they also bring the respect and happiness of a family. This family idea is what makes so…

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  • Paperclips: An Experimental Study

    Due to the nature of the data, a main effect for Body part could not be calculated. The interaction between response and body part was not statistically significant F (4,76) = 2.53, p= .05. Inspection of the means indicates that participant’s responses in the wrist-forearm condition (low acuity) (M = 45.50 SD =17.77 95% CI [37.18., 53.82]) were less accurate than the Finger-Wrist condition (M = 48.2 SD = 15.23 95% CI [41.03, 55.29]) and the Finger-Forearm (M = 48.6, SD = 17.82, 95% CI [40.32,…

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  • The Effect Of Organic Solvents On Particle Size

    Effect of Organic Solvents on Particle Size When anti solvent was 0.4% (w/v) F68 aqueous solution, the effect of various good solvent was investigated. These organic solvents include ethanol, methanol, PEG 400, propylene glycol. The result as mention in Table 16 & Figure 27 showed that the particles prepared by methanol were the smallest (317 nm) among other organic solvents. Ethanol, PEG 400, and propylene glycol produced the particles having the mean particle size of 525nm, 1274nm, 864nm,…

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  • Effect Of Binder And Plasticizers On Pore Size

    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Effect of Binder and Plasticizers on the Gel Viscosity, Membrane Morphology and Pore Size According to M.R. Othman [7] the result of addition of PVA in Boehmite sol during peptization on the viscosity, coating time, pore size and BET surface area is presented in Table I,II,III, and IV. PVA was prepared by dissolving 2, 4, 6 and 8g of PVA powder into 100mL de-ionized distilled water. PVA with different concentration in the sol give a of characteristics viscosity…

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