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  • Egg White Lab Results

    Title: How Temperature Affects Protein Detection In Eggs Whites Introduction: Research Objective and Hypothesis The objective of this experiment is to gain a better understanding on how temperature affects how much protein is detected. Understanding how temperature affects the detection of protein can be used to more accurately measure the amount of protein in foods and supplements needed for life. This knowledge can benefit nutritionists and the general population. Hypothesis: If the egg whites are subjected to different temperatures, then the amount of protein detected in the egg whites will be the most consistent at room temperature because this temperature will not affect the egg white’s natural state. Background and Significance/Previous…

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  • Eggs: Lunchtime Energy Intake In Children And Adolescents

    I. Introduction A. Eggs are widely known as a functional food because they are high in protein, modest in calories, low in cost and can be used versatilely in many different types of dishes1. They represent a complete food, meaning it contains all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for dietary needs2. Egg composition may vary slightly, but on average the macronutrient content of one egg is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and lipids2. High protein foods, like eggs, have been…

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  • Ovalbumin Essay

    The purpose of this experiment is to learn how to prepare albumin from egg white and to understand the basics of protein fractionation using ammonium sulfate. Ovalbumin is the major protein of egg white and is fractionated by means of ammonium sulfate precipitation. The properties of the solvent system will dissolve the protein and greatly impact solubility. In total, there are four major factors that affect protein solubility: ionic strength, pH, temperature, and dielectric constant of solvents…

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  • Food Be Thy Food Essay

    vision or eat eggs so you’ll have a healthy brain. I did not really pay any attention to this, but as I grew older I realized that different foods consist of many different vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but they have a variety of health benefits attached to it. The foods we eat can have a huge affect…

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  • Eggshell Egg Case Study

    High School, Congress Road, Bagumbong, Caloocan City Introduction Eggshells have the most significant role as a component of an egg. It serves as the protection of the inner extremities of an egg such as the albumen, chalazae, the yolk, and the vitelline membrane. However, people dispose it without knowing its significance and capacities. 30% of eggs are used by food industries annually, which translate to 50 million cases of eggs. In this case, it creates a big problem as a big contributor of…

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  • Gender Inequality In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

    You open a carton of eggs and grab a white egg and brown egg. After cracking both of them open, you see that the insides are exactly the same. Next, you cook both the eggs and eat them. They taste and look equivalent. The same goes for society. We may all be different races, but we still have the same interior. Young adults around the world of different ethnicities, sex, or spiritualities have reported being treated unjust. All of humanity is equal no matter their race, gender, or religion. …

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  • FTIR Reflection

    FTIR Spectroscopic Study on Inner Membrane of Egg Shell of Chicken Gallus gallus domesticus Abstract: The paper presents FTIR analysis of inner membrane of eggshell of chicken Gallus gallus domesticus. Fresh samples of egg shells are cleaned; dried and inner membrane of the shell is separated carefully for FTIR analysis. FTIR spectrum reveals a series of bands related to fats and proteins. Calcium carbonate is the major constituent (about 90%) of the shell, but it is absent in the inner shell…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Some would say to get to the other side. Chickens are a type of food that people need. People raise, kill, and eat chickens every day. 9 billion chickens are killed every year, amounting to a staggering 25 million per day. Domesticated poultry are raised specifically for their flesh and eggs. In fact, chicken is the most consumed meat in the world. That’s precisely the reason why my grandpa, Chris Schmidt, created a trailer that helps get chickens from the…

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  • Essay On Factory Farm Animals

    Industry). This act was put in place to decrease the suffering of animals during slaughter. All of the animals receive a different treatment to rendered insensible because of the variations in size. Many animals are given electrical shocks to immobilize them. “Since the animals are seen as mere commodities, they are bred, fed, confined, and drugged to lay more eggs, birth more offspring, and die with more meat on their bones.” (“Factory Farming”). Dairy cows, on factory farms, are forced…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Factory Farming

    headed towards the slaughterhouse. Factory farming keeps our animals in uninhabitable places, putting them at high risk for disease, infection, and extreme discomfort. These animals are kept in horrid conditions, crammed by the thousands into fifthly, windowless crates, to only be allotted enough room to just stay in one position for the entirety of their lives. With no space to live, or even turn around, these animals are subject to the frequent widespread of disease, and subsequently their…

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