Food Be Thy Food Essay

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A famous Greek philosopher by the name of Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Reading this statement at first, I would assume that this means that food should be taken in place of medicine. This food that you are consuming should be considered your medicine. I can relate this to my personal life because growing up as a child, my parents would often say things like eat more pumpkin to improve your vision or eat eggs so you’ll have a healthy brain. I did not really pay any attention to this, but as I grew older I realized that different foods consist of many different vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but they have a variety of health benefits attached to it. The foods we eat can have a huge affect …show more content…
It is not a secret that they are not only tasty, but extremely nutritious. In the United States, it has been recorded that they are “the world 's largest exporter of eggs and it is estimated that in 2014, 256 eggs will be produced for each member of the population - the highest rate of production in the past 8 years.” (McIntosh, 2015) A regular sized egg consists of 63 calories and 5.53 grams of protein. Eating eggs is great way to boost both your energy and health. The yolk is the most important part because it consists of over 90% of the total egg’s calcium and iron. The white of the egg consists of most of the protein. It is commonly used for comparison when it comes to other foods to see if it is an acceptable source of protein. As for fat, 38% is monounsaturated, 16% is polyunsaturated, and 28% is …show more content…
However, I feel it would be unfair if I didn’t include possible health risks as well. People tend to eat eggs raw however they shouldn’t because bacteria can easily enter the egg shell through their pores. Eggs are hatched the same way feces is expelled and this is how diseases such as Salmonella can enter. The most important to remember is to make sure your eggs are fully cooked so you can avoid problems like this. Another thing to be remembered is to avoid eating eggs that appear to be cracked or out of date. Bacteria can easily enter the egg and grow. Last but not least, eggs should not be left outside because they will sweat and once again bacteria can easily enter. One way to check if an egg is out of date is to see if it can float in water. If the egg smells or has a discoloration then it should also be avoided. (Stanger,

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