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  • Which Protein Solution Contained Protein, Starch, And Sugar?

    tried to answer was “Which protein solution contained protein, starch, and sugar, and if so how much?” The protein supplements we had were supplments 4 (Kroger Whey & Soy Protein- Vanilla),6 (Vega Protein and Greens) ,and 8 (Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein). We also had 3 reagents (Biuret’s, Lugol’s ,and Benedict’s). We had two different experiments, the first experiment was to get qualitative data. The second was to get quantitative date. The first experiment we tested each supplement with each reagent and also a positive and negative control for each supplement. We had a total of 15 test tubes. We would observe the color of each supplement and the reagents. We recorded the color of each solution and compared them…

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  • Roles Of Protein In Nutrition

    Role of Protein in Nutrition There are 3 main micro-nutrients in food that we eat. Protein is one them and arguably the most important one for good health. Protein is used by many structures of the body, including muscle, to maintain and grow. Obviously the products in the table focus less on carbohydrates and fats, which are needed more for energy purposes. How We Use It So we get protein from food, but how do we actually use it to maintain the structure of our bodies? Our bodies break…

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  • Protein Solubility Analysis

    innate protein particles or aggregates.However, there is a mechanistic difference between the two aspects. In the case of a pure solubility issue, i.e. a protein becomes insoluble in a certain solution (no changes in protein structure and integrity) and a solid phase is formed, a strong dilution of the system may lead to the dissolution of the protein. In such a circumstance, the term “protein associates” may more appropriately describe the formed protein solid .In this instance, protein…

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  • Protein Test Assessment

    In the year of 2014 the month of September an article was published in an ‘Emergency Nurse’ journal. The heading of this article is “Protein Test May Ensure Quick Diagnosis of Heart Attack.” We all know that the odds of knowing when a heart attack may happen are very low. While a group of research nurses have come to the conclusion that you may be able to predict when a heart attack may happen by doing a simple protein test. Heart attacks can be fatal and hard to detect. This is what makes this…

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  • Importance Of Protein Food

    Human organism needs a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. The balance of these substances allows you to lose weight, feel better, look younger and healthier. Protein Protein molecules are made of combinations of amino acids. Their various combinations give special properties to molecules. Proteins are required for metabolic reactions and they construct "skeleton" of cells and the body's various tissues - muscles, skin, nerve fibers. Protein molecules are…

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  • Protein Structure Essay

    thousands of different proteins, each with a specific structure and function. Along with their diverse functions, they vary in structure, each protein having its own unique three-dimensional shape. Proteins are polymers of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. There are 20 different amino acids to make up all the different proteins on the earth. Each of the amino acids is composed of a central carbon bonded to a hydrogen, a carboxyl group, an amino acid group, and an R-group (Bowen,…

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  • Essay On Protein Molecules

    Proteins Molecules Building materials for cells. Cells have organelles such as mitochondria, lysosomes, vesicles, etc. It is estimated that the body has over ten trillions cells Carry oxygen, build tissue, copy DNA for the next generation and do the work needed by the body. Deoxyribonucleic acid contains the blueprint for proteins and replication of itself mRNA transcribes DNA, tRNA translates mRNA into proteins. A pattern on nucleotide on a DNA strand is called a gene. The Central Dogma of…

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  • Dilution Of Protein Essay

    Proteins Introduction Many products including powders, drinks, and foods are marketed as having more protein in them than the average consumption. But is that statement actually true? Proteins are a type of amino acid. There are twenty known amino acids monomers. Monomers are molecules that can be bonded together to create something else known as a polymer. Every amino acid has to have three things, an amino group, a carboxyl group and a functional group that is special to itself. Something…

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  • Protein Stein Structure

    structure of proteins, their importance for life and processes under which they are made. It will also describe two groups of proteins and give some examples. Proteins (also called polypeptides, peptides or amino acids) are large polymers and main components of cells. They are produced by condensation reaction from amino acid monomers, therefore proteins are called condensation polymers. Each protein is formed by a unique sequence of 20 naturally occurring amino acids. However, not all the…

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  • Anti-Freeze Proteins

    often ice-covered place. In spite of these harsh conditions, life continues to thrive in the cold, dark depths. The vast majority of these winter-resident species owe their success to various forms of anti-freeze proteins. Within Northern Atlantic resident species, there are six classes of Anti-Freeze Proteins (AFPs), generally categorized by molecular size, structure and effectiveness. AFPs are a remarkable exhibition of convergent evolution – there are vast multitudes of AFPs, all present in…

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