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  • Explanations: Propeller Crab

    bacteria because it was the rod-shape like bacteria. It also had pili and a flagellum. It has all the parts that are needed for a regular bacteria cell meaning that it is bacteria. [Plus, it’s got it in its name ;)] 2.) Salmonella-I knew this was Salmonella because it was rod-shaped gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria do not retain the crystal violet dye used in the gram staining method due to the fact that they have cell walls that are thin. Gram-negative bacteria are often harmful to a host, which is the case for many of the Salmonella bacteria. Protists 1.) Irish Moss- I knew that this was Irish Moss because it was reddish and kind of like seaweed. This is a protist because it lives in the water like a regular protist would normally do. 2.) Euglena Gracilis-I knew it was a protist because it moves around in the water and is very small. It also has a flagellum. It also has the parts that other protists would…

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  • Microbes Research Paper

    Those of first three kingdoms contain multi-celled organisms, animals, plants and fungi. Otherwise, two other kingdoms, bacteria and protists are categorised mostly as single-celled organism (but some are multi-celled species). Recently, there is a new tree family revealed by recent research and made up two main divisions that are the Prokaryotae and the Eukaryotae (Woese et al 1990; Waggoner & Speer 1998) The Prokaryotae consist of two domains, the Archaea and the Bacteria, and have one…

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  • Leaf Cutter Ant Research Paper

    humans, making it parasitic. There are some bacteria that are completely harmless. The bacteria Staphylococcus lives on human skin and does no harm and no good. This relationship would be considered commensalism. Now, Protists are unicellular organisms from the kingdom Protista. An example of a parasitic protist would be Plasmodium which causes Malaria. The prostist enters the blood stream, clogging capillaries and blood vessels, while destroying blood, which leads to death if untreated.…

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  • Simethicone Research Paper

    Microorganisms can be classified as fungi, bacteria, protists, prions, archaea, and viruses. They are claimed as non-living. Microorganisms are known to be single-cellular, or unicellular. Unicellular protists are sometimes seen by the human eye, whereas multicellular protists are sometimes microscopic. They live in several places on earth such as inside rocks within theearth's crust, human skin, a cow’s stomach, and sponges that are used to clean dishes. Most are sensitive to nutrient…

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  • Ethical Issues In Forensic Research

    their environment. For instance, lizards adapts to their environment by camouflaging themselves when it gets too hot, cold, or to hide themselves from predators to survive. One of the first evidence of evolution discovered was a fossil of prokaryote cell. Which proved, that all life’s ancestral species began over 3.5 million years ago. (Simon, Dickey, & Reece, 2013) This connects with Microbial population biology. Which is the application of science that studies the evolution of bacteria,…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes

    Cells are very important because they are assumed to be the basics of life. There are two types of cells that exist: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. The interesting thing is that, even though the prokaryotes seem to be very different from the eukaryotes. For example, humans look very different from the bacteria, but they still do share some characteristics. No matter at which cell you are looking at: bacteria’s`, plants`, animals`, protists`, etc., they all will be bounded by a plasma membrane…

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  • Interspecific Competition Predation

    was one or the other of the bacterivores and the predator the Didinium.There was three replicates set up for the control, four replicates set up to the competition and six replicates set up for the predation. The competition and control ran for forty four days and the predation ran for Colpidium - Didinium thirty seven days and Paramecium – Didinium only eighteen days. The intrinsic growth rate was measured at the different temperatures. The population dynamics were monitored every two to three…

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  • Solution For Antibiotic Resistance

    Solution for Antibiotic Resistance So knowing the history about the discovery of antibiotics and what was the main purpose of this drug will put your mind at ease. Like I stated earlier, our society take antibiotics for any reason. One of the best solution is to take a broader view of the microbes. Microbes which are single-cell organisms so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle. They are the oldest form of life on earth. Microbe is a term for tiny creatures that…

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  • Charles Darwin's Theory Of Biological Evolution

    by all in the environment. Gene flow moves between populaitons introducing another population to another therefore making new. With the genetic drift it is kind of like parents not having diabetes but their children may have it, nut as time goes on the child may not have it, it is slowly down the changes of the next generation. With all the new technology and medical research being done they may one day find a cure. Natural selection is a directional process because it shifts the genetic…

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  • Water Lab Report

    able to contain a lower Do saturation and colder temperature being able to contain higher levels of DO. DO is a necessity for all living organisms including fungi and bacteria. Both bacteria and fungi decompose of organic materials via the intake of DO, due to this if there is an excess of organic materials, such as, decaying organisms and/ or protists, the level of DO will decrease due to bacteria and fungi requiring an excess amount of DO to decompose the organic materials (Fondriest,…

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