Proximate and ultimate causation

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  • Little Lucky Case Summary

    A proximate cause of event must is a natural sequence, unbroken by any new cause which without if that event would not have occurred. Rider 171 N.Y. at 138. In Nola’s case, the proximate cause of her death was her witnessing the death of her husband which resulted from the wrongful action of the Jackson brothers. However, the sequence of event is broken by Nola’s bad heart that resulted into a heart attack, which is the ultimate cause of her death. Therefore, the Jackson brother’s wrongful act that lead to Burt’s death may not be a proximate cause of Nola’s death because it is an unforeseeable occurrence of events and relieving them from the wrongful death of Nola…

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  • Proximate Vs Evolution

    evolutionary developmental biology, and relate it to different forms of causation. The article that I used as my focus is “EvoDevo and Niche Construction: Building Bridges” by Laland, Odling-Smee, and Gilbert. In this article, both niche construction and evolutionary developmental biology are talked about. The main claim is that both of these concepts have much in common. Niche construction, as defined by these authors, is said to be “the process whereby organisms, through their metabolism,…

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  • Algazali's Argument

    of God, for if necessary causal effects could be found in nature, the effects would not be acts of Gods will. Below, this paper will accomplish two things; first it will outline the first two points of Algazali’s argument put forth against the philosopher’s notion of necessary causation as it is found in “The Incoherence of the Philosophers”, and second it will offer a critical evaluation…

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  • The Thin Skull Rule V. Mustapha Case: The Thin Skull Rule

    Culligan is in breach of the standard care. Thirdly, does the plaintiff sustain damage? And last but most importantly, was Mr. Mustapha’s damage directly caused by Culligan’s breach? Mr. Mustapha must prove all four elements for Culligan to be found liable. Did the Defendant Owe the Plaintiff a Duty of Care? The first element in determining the liability in tort for negligence is whether Culligan owes a duty of care to the plaintiff, Mr. Mustapha. It draws our attention to the type of…

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