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  • The Pain Of Police Killings Can Last For Decades By Ben Greenberg

    In his article, “The Pain of Police Killings Can Last For Decades,” Ben Greenberg states that the grief that comes from an unjust police killing can last in the family for generations. His thesis statement is, “But long after the demonstrations end, the streets go quiet and the cameras leave, families of those killed have to find ways to cope with their loss” (Greenberg, 2016, para. 1). The audience for this article is anyone who might be interested or uninformed about unjust police killings. The purpose of this article was to inform people who were otherwise not informed about unjust police killings and its effect over generations. This article contains examples of ethos, logos, and pathos. Pathos, being the most commonly used of the three, helps drive home the real message of the article with a healthy support of logos and ethos. This essay will analyze the effectiveness of Ben Greenberg’s use of rhetoric on the controversial topic that is police shootings. Ben Greenberg seems to be a highly qualified writer, especially on this specific topic. “He is a founding member of the Civil Rights Cold Case Project. His work has appeared in USA Today, Colorlines, The American Prospect, The Clarion-Ledger and elsewhere” ( 2016). Being an active member of the Civil Rights Cold Case Project, it is perfectly clear that this article’s subject matter is within his profession jurisdiction. His voice throughout the article is strong and authoritative, giving off the impression that…

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  • Harper's Ferry: A Short Story

    In my last few weeks at Harpers Ferry, a man in his mid-fifties walked into the Provost Marshal’s office. He was a big man, maybe six foot four. Bald, overweight, wearing a red polo shit and sagging cargo pants with sunglasses pressed into his forehead. I was already talking to a family from the Carolinas interpreting the experiences of the town’s citizens after the war, when across the former slave states Provost Marshals were replaced by agents of the newly formed Freedman’s Bureau. They were…

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  • John King's Character Analysis

    capitol might be seen as an endorsement of militant white supremacists. The South Carolina legislature couldn’t, of course, have been able to come to this conclusion when it first hoisted the rebel battle flag on the state capitol grounds (in 1961) as they were too busy contesting school desegregation. This was the summer, the National Parks Service, a federal agency, announced they would no longer sell the most recognizable symbol of the guys who killed a hundred thousand American soldiers in…

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  • London Buttars Etienne Neighbours's Successful Career

    London Buttars Etienne Provost 3rd period Etienne Provost was born on December 21, 1785. He was born in Chambly, Quebec. Provost was called “The Man of The Mountains” by his fellow trappers. He was also one of the most knowledgeable and successful of the mountain men. Provost had bad times, but was very skillful. There are no photos of Provost, but in a painting he appears short, fat, and round. Provost does not have a wide recognition. He helped guide John James Audubon. On two of his…

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  • Biography Of Etienne Fool's Argumentative Essay

    Etienne Provost was a mountain man and a Taos fur trapper in the early 1800’s. He was born in Chamberly, Quebec, Canada in the year 1785. He became involved in the St. Louis fur trade in 1814. He stopped actively trapping in 1814 and never returned to the Rocky Mountains after he left. He sadly died in St Louis Missouri on July 3, 1850. Etienne Provost was the son of Albert and Anne Prévost. He had 16 siblings. He married Marie Rose Salle dit Lajorie in 1829. Together they gave birth to their…

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  • Helen Nelson Case Study Harvard Case

    regulations; the faculty strictly followed him without question. According to the dean and provost the political science department was organized, well run and did not cause any problems. Professor David Beaufort died suddenly. His replacement as department chair was Helen Nelson who came from another college in a neighboring city. Her attempts to lead the department using a democratic leadership style and human resources frame was not well received from the faculty and met with resistance. The…

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  • Essay On Punctuality

    disciplinary issues which would be known as the Provost Marshal. In January 1776, William Maroney was appointed to be the first Provost Marshal of the Continental Army. The Provost Marshal’s would drawn soldiers from other units, and that made it difficult to enforce discipline. On 20 May 1778, Congress established the Provost Corps, which General Washington referred to as the "Marechaussee." Captain Bartholomew von Heer, a German speaking officer was appointed as the first commander of the…

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  • Creighton System Theory

    communication that are being used and how we in an organization are working together to achieve a common goal. The organizational component that represents Creighton is one that has a hierarchical ordering, “ a system made up of smaller subsystems and is embedded with a larger super-system…arranged in highly sophisticated ways.” In this organizational system, you have a broad base that includes all of the undergraduate students and campus workers. These employees and students work together to…

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  • Brittany Nunley: Fake Scholar Or Student Ambassador

    If I Brittany Nunley was selected as a TCC Provost Scholar or Student Ambassador I will continue to distinguish myself as a student leader by continuing to motivate my classmates and fellow students that they can do the work and that together we can succeed. I always tell my classmates this no matter what class I am in and always will because as a student we need some encouragement. As a scholar I will continue to give my best to my studies, continue to make sure my work is complete, and getting…

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  • Dean Interview Reflection

    The first aspect that is clearly related to class topics is the governance of the dean. For example, in Schloss and Cragg, pg. 35 its states that the dean reports to the provost, which reaffirm one of the answers of the dean. Also, the dean has a mission to be a leader that promote and direct its department, which helps understand why the dean is considered to be the chief governance of the department. Also, the dean position has the power to hire and to terminate staff and faculty. Like I have…

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