Psidium guajava

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  • Strawberry Guava Essay

    Strawberry guava, Psidium cattleianum Sabine, is valued by the general public of Hawaii for its ornamental characteristics and fruit, which is frequently prepared into jams, jellies, juices, cakes, and pastries. However, due to false advertising and commercialization, guava as well as coffee, macadamia, passion fruit, and pineapples are seen as icons of Hawaii, yet they aren’t native to Hawaii. Even though these species aren’t native to Hawaii, coffee, macadamia, passion fruit, and pineapples do not pose a series threat to the native ecosystems of Hawaii, like the strawberry guava. Strawberry guava is an invasive alien species to Hawaii and can be managed through mechanical control, herbicide application, and biological control to prevent further dispersal and damage to the native ecosystems of Hawaii. Introduced to Hawaii…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Medicinal Plants

    ailment and it involves of using plants and extracts of it to give an effective and safe treatments for illnesses. People doesn’t use herbal medicines because it is cheap, some people use it because it helped to prevent in some particular illnesses that they have caught. In some cases, plants contain some components and extracts that helps the body to maintain and to quicken the recovery process. Medicinal plants are said that they are generally safer than modern prescription drugs and…

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  • Guava Leaves Essay

    Also known as Psidium Guajava, guava is also a tropical fruit packed with essential nutrients that is good for our body. Its fruit alone has amazing nutritious content that can also be found in other fruits. But what we didn’t know is that aside from its fruit, guava leaves also have the ability to cure external wounds. In some studies about leaves, guava is one of the most effective on the list that has a fast effect of healing. In fact, guava leaves are often used by native people to cure a…

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  • Analysis Of Mweka Village

    1800 m.a.s.l dry montane forest exist and between 1400-1600 m.a.s.l. submontane riverine forest exist [21]. Different species of shrubs are also found in the area such as Lantana camara, Duranta arecta, Caesalpinia decapetala and Ricinus communis. The grass species found in the area includes Pennistum purpureum, Setaria splendida, Panicum maximum and Tripsacum andersonii [22]. Herb species includes Argemone mexicana, Commelina bengalensis, Conyza floribunda, Euphorbia hirta, Tridax procumbens…

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