Guava Leaves Essay

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Also known as Psidium Guajava, guava is also a tropical fruit packed with essential nutrients that is good for our body. Its fruit alone has amazing nutritious content that can also be found in other fruits. But what we didn’t know is that aside from its fruit, guava leaves also have the ability to cure external wounds.
In some studies about leaves, guava is one of the most effective on the list that has a fast effect of healing. In fact, guava leaves are often used by native people to cure a variety of skin illness and any other external diseases.
Guava leaves has hidden compounds that is very effective in healing wounds and also it can be used to cure diarrhea and other internal problems. So the question is, why guava leaves?

What is
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Guava leaf, most especially the sprout contains compounds that can help suppress infection and bacteria termination to stop inflammation of the affected area. So here’s the content that makes guava leaves a lovable anti-infection agent:
Guava leaf contains Tannic Acid
Tannic acid can also be found in the nutgalls – a gall that looks like a nut that is formed by insects especially in an oak tree. In fact, tannic acid is one of the three ingredients used to absorb poison. Tannic acid is very responsive in killing bacteria and suppress inflammation specifically and aside from it, it has less cytotoxicity that’s why it can be used as an alternative for anti-bacterial ointments. This is one of the reasons why this acid that can be found in guava leaf can be the top applicant for wound dressing and an immediate cure for skin bruises.
Guava leaf contains Tannins and Essential Oils
Open wounds are prone to bacterial infection which can lead to severe inflammation. Once our body obtain wounds, our temperature will automatically rise causing slight fever. Guava leaf contains tannins and essential oil which eliminate the growth of bacteria. Also, essential oils contains majority of compounds that fights fungi and anti-oxidants that prevents fast phase of cell
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It is also an antioxidant that protects the cells from damaging from oxidation not to mention its antiviral and antifungal properties.
And the last is epicathechin which is also a member of flavonoids that is used to treat diabetes. When a person is suffering from diabetes, wound healing can be punishing.
Guava leaf contains ethanol extract
Skin cut and wounds can be infested by bacteria in a matter of seconds. This is why inflammation of affected area can be severe if not taken care of immediately. Ethanol can inhibit the role of prostaglandin endoperoxide (PTGS1), preventing inflammation to spark.

How to make guava leaf balm?
Guava leaf most especially the sprouts are best remedy for skin infections and other associated disease that even fungi and allergies has no exemption. During the early age, natives just chew the guava leaf and then apply it directly to the surface of the affect area (saliva included). So to make it easier, here is how to make a balm came from guava leaf:
Collect guava leaf (sprout)
Collect nutgall
Spall the leaves together with nutgall
Other health benefits of guava leaf
Apart from the capability of guava leaf to treat infected wounds, here are its other health

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