Vitamin C

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  • Vitamin C Titration

    factor = (mass of vitamin C titrated) / (Volume of iodine solution used) = (125g) / (41.3ml) = 3.03 mg vitamin C/ml iodine solution Experiment B: Vitamin C titration using fresh fruit sample to determine the content The tabulated experimental data for this experiment is shown below (Table 2). In this experiment, the amount of vitamin C was calculated by multiplying the standardization factor with a used iodine solution. That is, the amount of vitamin C in 30ml of 93.54 g mandarin orange juice was 11.514mg. Table 2: Experimental data for Vitamin C titration using fruit sample (Mandarin orange) Type of fruit juice Volume…

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  • Essay On Benefits Of Vitamin C

    Benefits of Vitamin C Vitamins are substances that the human body needs to grow and develop normally. (1) Vitamins are efficacious in preventing and curing a variety of ailments ranging from heart conditions, high cholesterol level, eye disorders to skin disorders. Generally, vitamins boost many of the metabolic mechanisms and perform functions that other nutrients don't. Vitamins can be acquired in various ways, commonly through the foods we eat. However, depending on the cuisine and…

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  • Orange Juice And Vitamin C Experiment

    INTRODUCTION Question Which has more Vitamin C: Orange juice from concentrate, Orange juice not from concentrate, or an orange flavored drink? Hypothesis If the orange juice is not from concentrate, it will have more Vitamin C. However, if the orange juice is from concentrate, less Vitamin C will be revealed. If the juice has artificial flavoring and sugars, it will have the least Vitamin C. RESEARCH Ascorbic acid is scientific name for Vitamin C. It forms proteins that make skin,…

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  • The Importance Of Vitamin C, Fruits And Vegetables

    Vitamin C is a an important nutrient which is required in our bodies, taking in large amounts of vitamin C causes stomach aches, diarrhoea and flatulence(gas which is generated in the intestinal tract) It helps protect cell and keep them healthy it is also needed to heal the wounds. An adult is required to have 40 mg of vitamins a day,Vitamin C cannot be stored your the body, so you must have vitamin C in your everyday diet.If you don't have enough vitamin C in your body you can get…

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  • Essay On Vitamin C In Kale

    Chemistry EE Concentration of Vitamin C in Kale Word Count: IB Number: 002811-00 Introduction Research question: How do different methods of cooking, namely steaming, baking, and frying, affect the amount of ascorbic acid in Kale? In a daily diet, arguably the most important thing to get a proper amount of is vitamins. Vitamins provide countless services and roles in the human body including helping with your immune system, repairing skin and bone tissues, and converting what you eat into…

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  • Vitamin C Lab Report

    Introduction As humans are unable to produce Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) but still require it for proper body function, humans obtain Vitamin C from external sources.1 Historically, citrus fruits, which have a comparatively higher amount of Vitamin C, were eaten to achieve proper amounts of Vitamin C or prevent scurvy. During the age of long sea voyages, where fresh food was scarce, scurvy was prevalent and extremely detrimental .2 However, fruit was not always available or economically feasible.…

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  • Analysis Of Fresh Navel Orange Juice

    hypothesis, the fresh Navel orange juice was expected to have a higher concentration of vitamin C than Coles orange juice However, according to the results, as seen in Graph 2, Coles Orange juice had higher concentration of vitamin C compared to the Fresh Navel orange juice, and contradicted the hypothesis. From Graph 2, at 8oC, Coles orange juice had 19.7% higher concentration of vitamin C than fresh navel orange juice, because fresh juice had 15.62mg/100mL, whereas artificial juice had…

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  • Primary Cause And Effect Of Scurvy

    synthesised version of Ascorbic acid is known to be added to food and drinks, because storage of food alone is known to lead to the loss of the natural vitamin C before consumption, not forgetting when food is cooked or heated this also leads to a loss of the nutrient. Processed foods are prepared with this synthetic form and marketed for sale, allowing us humans to ingest the antioxidants normally found within natural vitamin C (Fit day, 2013). This information suggests that when scurvy…

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  • Peel Fresh Case Study

    Introduction The weather in our country is getting hotter and hotter each day people need refreshing and healthy drinks to hydrate and refresh themselves. Therefore, company ‘Peel Fresh’ is going to introduce a new line of fruit juice by using our local tropical fruits one of them is the ‘Very Much Vitamin C’ and it will be launch in plastic bottle of 250 ml, 500 ml and family size of 1 litre. The ingredients we are using in our ‘Very Much Vitamin C’ are watermelon, mango and lime our juice is…

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  • Pineapple Case Study

    can be preserved. It is seasonal and highly perishable fruit(Duval et al, 2003). When considering composition mature fruit consist with 14% of sugar; a proteindigesting enzyme, bromelin, and good amount of citric acid,malic acid, vitamin…

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