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  • South Vietnam War Thesis

    The incident is still a subject of great controversy and debate as it prompted the American entrance into the Vietnam war. Many claim that President Johnson was aware that there was not a battle. It is the reports from North Vietnam that add more doubt to the entire situation. General Vo Nguyen Giap insisted that the event was created by the Americans to justify action against Northern Vietnam (Drea). Along with North Vietnam, many US officials were discrediting the event. Robert S. McNamera, the main architect of involvement in Vietnam, expressed his doubts regarding the reliability of the reports. He went as far as stating that there was no second attack by North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. The report from the pilots tend to place more doubt on the event. While some of the reports claim there were enemy ships near, some claim that they did not see anything in the immediate area. These reports conflict the reports made by the crew members on the Maddox and Turner Joy that there were torpedo wakes and enemy lights…

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  • Christopher Boone Character Analysis

    Out of the two characters, Christopher possesses a passion for mathematics. Many examples demonstrate Christopher’s ability to make calculations at a fast rate include: saying the square of a number and continue to square the corresponding number up to a really high number , knowing every prime number up to 7507, and receiving an A in a A level math exam (one of the higher level math exams an individual can take). A specific moment in the text in which his mathematics ability was displayed was…

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  • Marilyn Lee Death Analysis

    It is with great regret that I write to inform you of the death of your beloved daughter, Marilyn Lee Cross. Marilyn Lee was a young girl, she was only eighteen years old on the day of her passing and with such a short life period, Marilyn Lee possessed happiness, joy, and kindness. Marilyn valued and loved those around her including her brother Gerry Cross. Unfortunately, Marilyn was naive, simple-minded, and impatient which guided Marilyn into a problematic and deadly situation. Marilyn’s…

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  • Richard M. Nixon's Ho Chi Minh During The Vietnam War

    "A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits." -Richard M. Nixon The Vietnam War was also known as the Second Indochina War, from 1954 to 1975. It was a conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam allies Viet Cong and the government of South Vietnam and its ally United States. The main purpose of the war was to stop South Vietnam in becoming communists like the ones in the north. During that time there were powerful leaders making the decisions. Some important…

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  • Dien Bien Phu Battle Analysis

    This Battle Analysis is written to illustrate the importance of logistics to complement tactical decisions with the war fighter on the battleground. The battle of Dien Bien Phu (DBP) was a decisive engagement during the Indochina War (1946-54). Less than ten percent of the total French forces in Indochina occupied the DBP valley in late 1953; Viet Minh Commander Vo Nguyen Giap amassed troops and placed heavy artillery in the caves of the mountains overlooking the valley (History, 1996). The…

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  • The Tet Offensive Analysis

    Willbanks references historian Edwin Moise comments, “It is not entirely clear to what extent this extraordinary gamble was based on hopes it could achieve its maximum goals-causing a real collapse of the Republic of Vietnam, and drawing the population of the cities into a general uprising-and to what extent it was based on a reasonable assurance of achieving more modest disruptions of the U.S. and Army of the Republic of Vietnam(South) war effort, and of U.S. public support of the war.”…

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  • Sun Tzu War Summary

     It was then, he turned into a devoted peruser of Sun Tzu on the Craft of War. Sun Tze's book affected him incredibly. He additionally concentrated the generalship of Napoleon and gaining from it pragmatic cases of how to apply least military constrain to most extreme impact.  On 1954 Giap massed troops and put substantial cannons in collapses the mountains sitting above French camp.  Then on that year on Walk 13 Giap propelled a gigantic strike on Beatrice, which fell in a matter of hours.…

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  • Weapons In The Vietnam War

    Vietnam War On November 1, 1995 the North Vietnamese attacked South Vietnam to mark the beginning of the Vietnam War (Tet Offensive). Spanning nineteen years, the Vietnam War was a conflict fought between six different countries and allies over the differing opinions concerning communism. Ho Chi Minh was the leader for the North and believed in a communist government and received help from the Soviet Union and China (Biography of Ho Chi Minh). On the other hand, leader of Southern Vietnam,…

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  • Saigon Turning Point

    military as a gesture of confidence and good faith, which ultimately lead to the downfall of stability in the region ("Fall of Saigon," 2006, p. 1). With the transition of Saigon security to South Vietnam the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and the Viet Cong (VC) began planning in earnest for a large scale attack intended to show the people the control they had. The communist army had been repeatedly defeated in the South since the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in 1965 leading to desperate…

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  • Involvement In Vietnam

    Vietnam War; however they each helped Vietnam differently and had a dissimilar advice and counsel to Vietnam. With both China and Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh never accepted direction from either of them, as he did with the French and the Japanese, but he does in fact receive openly their help and support for the war. Ho remains independent concerning the decisions made in North Vietnam, he is not dependent on the Soviet Union or China, as South Vietnam is dependent from the United States.…

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