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  • Orlando Orchestra Analysis

    However, a tuner was used to play the initial note of each song in order to help them in getting the right pitch. The music was sang beautifully with mostly slow tempo. Each singer played an important role in presenting the songs. Being a countertenor, Venner sang the highest range of pitches by using the falsetto-type voice production. Dobell and Smith, both being the tenors in this group, sang slightly lower notes by using modal register. As for Smith, his vocal range is between the range of the tenors and the bass. Macdonald, being the bass singer, sang the lowest range of pitches in every song throughout the concert. Each and every singer produced a unique voice which contributed to different timbres. Even when I was closing my eyes, I could recognize the voices sang by each singer. I was really fascinated by the fact that the combination of different vocal timbres can actually produce a mesmerizing…

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  • Great Vocal Tracks In The Studio Essay

    The ability to record great vocal tracks in the studio is a benchmark skill for any recording engineer who wants to be taken seriously. These are the tracks that are going to show your clients if you really are the savvy studio guru that those “me at the sound board looking smart” pictures portray you as. Just as the vocal track is exposed and nearly naked, so will you be. So read on, and master each of these essential vocal recording concepts. How to fine-tune a singer Great vocal recordings…

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  • Hunchback Of Notre Dame Analysis

    Reflection On march 10 in the PAC, at 7:00, I had the opportunity to be able to go and see The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was a wonderful paly production, with some raunchy scenes, but, it was a very well orchestrated play, with well casted people and had very smooth transitions even though there wasn’t a curtain. The cast was huge, so great was need for voices that they had to hire a local choir to sing with them. The first scene is when you see the choir coming to and sing and take their…

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  • R & B Vs Hip Hop Analysis

    distinctive purposes. There have been boundless conditions that I have changed the way I sing or rap a tune (in my spare time), in light of its class upgrading or adjusting my perspective. A few years ago a friend came to me and expressed how a TV program they’ve watched one time, communicated a meeting with the R&B craftsman Liquor; a meeting in which Cognac exemplified how the instrumental she got, moved her and one might say, her voice. Most Hip-Hop specialists ' melodies vary in lyricism…

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  • Louis Armstrong Music Analysis

    His melding of the song’s lyrics with jocular remarks perfectly embodies the mixing and matching that occurs in jazz performances. Armstrong’s comments on his makeup and how hard the pianist is playing relax the atmosphere and sustain my attention on what he is saying. The instrumental play reacts to what he is saying, with his voice acting as a conductor, pulling the drums, bass, piano, trombone, and finally clarinet into playing. It seems that a lot of call and response is going on in this…

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  • The Importance Of Mic In Music

    over. This mic is used on a lot of other things besides vocals, but it is hard to not think of vocals and the RE20 together. One of the well known characteristics that this mic is known for is the fact that is has virtually no proximity effect. The proximity effect is a boost in bass response associated with directional microphones when you come within roughly 12” of the mic. The proximity effect can be used to your advantage, but it needs to be kept in check when you have a vocalist with the…

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  • Common Core System

    In the United States, we have one of the lowest education rates in the world. We are behind countries like China and Japan. In New York State especially, we have a system called Common Core. Common Core is a system that provides clear and consistent learning goals to to help students prepare for college, career and life. In kindergarden, kids have to take tests and fill in bubbles on answer sheets and when they get to high school, they have to take Regent examinations which is a test that New…

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  • Usher Raymond Research Paper

    How much do you know about Usher Raymond? Did you know that he was born on October 14, 1978, and had released his first album in 1994 at the age of 15 and continued on, cause I know I didn’t know that. Also Usher’s songs have constantly landed on the chart and earned several Grammys, people choice awards, and among other honors. He had sold up to 1 million copies of the album “ Confessions” in the first week it got released. (biography.om). Usher Raymond was born on “October 14, 1978 in…

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  • The Glamorous Life Analysis

    Track 5: The Glamorous Life Sheila E., The Glamorous Life One of the most significant outcomes of the Sunset Sound sessions was an album for Sheila Escovedo, a young Latin with well-honed percussion skills. She was the daughter of a professional backing player and had been introduced to Prince by Carlos Santana. With some considerable coaxing, Prince got Sheila to take a stab at the mic. Following a first, successful collaboration on “Erotic City,” Prince pulled her into the studio with a pile…

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  • CCNY Choir Concert Report Sample

    On Tuesday night, December 8th of 2015. I waited impatiently by the Great Hall of the CCNY Shepard Hall. Seven twenty-three pm I looked at the clock on my phone. Small groups of people starts to enter the open door to the Great hall. Confusingly, I walk to the door and pick up the program note to CCNY choral concert. I went to the seating area and pick the row at the back. When everyone gathered, a man caught everyone’s attention, Ira Spaulding, introduced himself as the conductor of the…

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