Orlando Orchestra Analysis

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Orlando Consort The Orlando Consort, a singing group that performs repertoire from the years of 1050 to 1550, has given a concert on January 13 at the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre, Mondavi Center. It was really a great honor to have watched the amazing and spectacular performance. This group consists of five singers, who are Matthew Venner (countertenor), Mark Dobell (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone) and Robert Macdonald (bass). They were invited as one of the performers in the conference hosted by UC Davis to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Cipriano de Rore, a prominent composer during the Renaissance who died in 1565. Therefore, most of the songs they sang during the concert were the madrigals of Cipriano de Rore. …show more content…
However, a tuner was used to play the initial note of each song in order to help them in getting the right pitch. The music was sang beautifully with mostly slow tempo. Each singer played an important role in presenting the songs. Being a countertenor, Venner sang the highest range of pitches by using the falsetto-type voice production. Dobell and Smith, both being the tenors in this group, sang slightly lower notes by using modal register. As for Smith, his vocal range is between the range of the tenors and the bass. Macdonald, being the bass singer, sang the lowest range of pitches in every song throughout the concert. Each and every singer produced a unique voice which contributed to different timbres. Even when I was closing my eyes, I could recognize the voices sang by each singer. I was really fascinated by the fact that the combination of different vocal timbres can actually produce a mesmerizing

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