Randy Rivas Concert Report

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I, Randy Rivas, attended a performance with two separate chamber groups and a soloist. One of the chamber groups was Christine S. Lopez and Sung Ae Lee both performing on piano, the other was Paul Da Silva playing piano and Manon Robertshaw on cello, and lastly Sung Ae Lee doing a solo performance. This was performed at Cerritos College in the music building at BC-51. It began at eleven in the morning on February twenty sixth. First musical performance was the piece of Muzio Clementi’s sonata in B flat major for two pianos. It was experience to see a performance with two pianists performing together. This piece alternates between the two doing their own specific solo and had charming, slow, blissful chords that brought out an ominous tone. …show more content…
I loved the last piece in the third movement because it was played very well and it is an iconic piece. I had different emotions for the individual pieces were I felt at ease, delighted, and anxious with a dynamic feeling when the pieces go fast paced. This time I remembered the fast parts since I expected than the other first concert. The most memorable was Moonlight, presto movement. For the chamber groups they projected a playful vibe between each other enjoying when it alternates to one another. For the soloists, it was really powerful and seeing Dr. Sung Ae Lee move more than usual. The dynamics went loud to more loud, soft to loud, and slowly fades and pauses and chords strikes making a performance to be alive. There was a balance between the melody lines and the accompaniment giving a flowing sound and soothing tone. I enjoyed watching and hearing the cello for the first time with the piano were it accompaniments each other. There were no awful mistakes but the piece with the cello but I did hear notes that seem were off which made me think it was out of tune but maybe stroke a wrong note. The performance overall was amazing and truly an

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