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  • Piano History

    free piano in today’s time. To a student in the digital age, the art of the piano reflects a technology far advanced to that of the original pianoforte. The history of the piano is broad and complex; it shows not only a change in music and style but allows one to see into the technological changes of the world in the last four centuries. From the origins of a harpsichord came the pianoforte, the original piano, which has under gone many transformations under the influences of the Austrians, English, and Americans to bring us the piano we have today. The history of the piano can be traced back through many instruments throughout the centuries. Its most ancient…

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  • The Piano Lesson

    August Wilson in his play The Piano Lesson writes an enthralling drama surrounded in conflict, family history, and questioning the importance of the past versus future legacy. At the center of the conflict is Boy Willie and his sister Berniece as they clash over what to do with a family piano that used to belong to a slave owner of their ancestors. Berniece wishes to keep the piano and hang on to the history of their family’s ancestors. Boy Willie, on the other hand, wishes to sell the piano and…

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  • Updike Player Piano

    In the poem, “Player Piano”, John Updike demonstrates a lot of feeling and emotion of an unhuman piano. By having detailed imagery of sounds, figures of speech, and rhyme, he portrays the reader into the picture of a machine-like device that has its own natural music language. This 12-line poem recalls the life and achievements of a player piano. In the first and second line, there is a lot of assonance (the repetition of sound in a vowel) and consonance (reassurance of similar sound) that are…

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  • Ghosts In The Piano Lesson

    in The Piano Lesson The Piano Lesson, a play written by August Wilson, portrays a family that has been living within the presence of various ghosts and spirits. The play hones in on the Charles family living in Pittsburgh during the depression. Doaker, Berniece and Maretha are surprised with a visit from Bernice’s brother Boy Willie and his partner Lymon. In the house which Berniece, Doaker and Maretha live, there is a piano; a family heirloom that has carvings of ancestors carefully engraved…

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  • Research Paper On Piano

    Plink! Plink! That is the sound the piano keys make as a pianist presses down each key and chord. The piano captivates me in many ways. It is a beautiful instrument used to make music by pressing a key with your fingers and, with your foot, pressing down on a pedal to carry out the beautiful sound. The piano can be extrodinarily captivating for many people. The beautiful sound and the grace of the pianist are but a few reasons why it is so mesmerising. Formerly named the piano-fortisimo, the…

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  • Mozart Piano Recital

    The piano recital I attended was performed by Mike Cheng-Yu Lee on November 17th at 8:30p.m. at Ford-Crawford Hall. Ironically, this piano recital was not actually performed on a piano—or at least it was not performed on a piano as they are built today. Lee was actually performing on an Anton Walter piano which is a type of forte piano modeled after Wolfgang Mozart’s own. This piano was the one which he performed his Viennese piano concertos on. The pieces that Mike Cheng-Yu Lee performed were…

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  • Piano Music Critique

    After listened several time of the absolute piano music, my feeling is very complex and I have a lot of words to say. First of all, I want to appreciate the composer and pianist. That is because both of you created the wonderful music for us. I thank for your contributions to the human race. So I just want to say how much I appreciate both of you and I want to also say that stay strong. History will remember both of you. In the second place, I want to talk about the piano music in some specific…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Piano

    I have been told that the day I came home from the hospital when I was born, my grandfather looked at my hands and said I was going to play the piano beautifully when I grew up. Six years later, I was enrolled in a piano course. To be frank, I hated it and constantly asked my parents to stop making me go. That is, until I turned twelve. Something happened at that period which made me change the way I looked at the piano. I started loving it! I would not miss a lesson, and would even get an hour…

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  • Piano Recital Essay

    On Sunday, September 11th, I attended Morehouse’s Department of Music’s Piano Recital. It was the first time that I had the pleasure of sitting in on a piano recital in the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center. The concert was held by Hyunjung Rachel Chung, a young lady from South Korea, performing eleven extensive pieces of music, including five vocal appearances from a virtuosic and lyrical tenor, Sungbae Kim. I was fortunate enough to be present to watch this piece of budding master at work.…

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  • Steinway's Piano Brand Analysis

    Steinway has held the title of best piano brand for quite some time. They strive for excellence in all areas of piano creation, and do a great job of that. But is Steinway the best piano for everyone? No. For professional pianists, perhaps. But for the average family looking for a highly esteemed piano for their children to become Mozart prodigies, Kawai is the better option. The brand offers more by way of touch, tone and durability for young families than Steinway does. Kawai and Steinway…

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