Musical notation

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  • Emotional Communication Reflection

    anticipated when I tried to sight read the music with the notation moving at full speed. I decided I would take the song note by note and learn how to play the music that way. I would advance the video far enough to see the next couple notes. I would then play from a starting point and go as far as I could. Eventually, I made it through the entire song and had the whole song memorized. From this point forward, I relied on sound and memory to play the song. I used muscle memory to play the song and commit it to memory so that playing the song seemed natural to me. I would hum the song in my head and…

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  • Formal Music Education

    My definition of a formal music education encompasses samplings from all over the world. Students will learn Western music and its conventions such as: reading and comprehending western notation, harmony, melody, counting systems, and western traditional ensembles (ie. orchestra, wind band, quartets, jazz ensembles). Students will explore music from outside the western realm through source materials and teachings. This will expand the students thinking about music and culture and allows to tap…

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  • Village Noise And Bruegel's Parables Analysis

    Much like music during the medieval and Renaissance periods, music today still has a divide when it comes to music of the people and music of the learned. Orchestral music, and classic music in general, is considered rather high-brow in today’s world. When looking through a program for the local orchestra, one will undoubtedly reach the section that lists all of the donor contributions to the orchestra, and then will realize the amount of wealthy support that goes into the classical arts. Such…

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  • Butterfly Lovers Violin Concert Analysis

    The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto is written in traditional 5-note technique (pentatonic scale) and uses many Chinese melodies, chord structures and patterns. This gives a distinctive “Chinese” sound, though it uses tonal harmonies. Music techniques in classical music, such as variations or cyclical forms, do not appear out of place in the Buttefly Lovers Violin Concerto. In the section of Zhu’s resistance to arriage, there is syncopated chords and agitated rhythm from Chinese traditional…

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  • Stockhausen's Music: Western Music Analysis

    it is due to his deeper understanding of sound and new methods of composing that Stockhausen expands Western music through the usage of modern technology. Stockhausen’s music is unique in that it was amongst the first to begin utilizing technology to modify and record different sounds. These modified sounds would often appear to sound like inharmonic noise. However, Stockhausen did not hear the various noises as unpitched disturbances, but rather heard them as elements of music. He felt that…

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  • The Importance Of Reading And Writing In The Context Of Music

    Music is not music without reading and writing. I am not speaking of reading and writing English, rather I am speaking of reading and writing musical notation. The real importance of reading and writing in the context of music has to do with actually learning the language that is music. This might mean learning how notes relate to a staff, or possibly how an audio clip fits best in your garageband composition, or maybe even how a 7th chord can put a whole new twist on a Sara Bareilles song (if…

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  • Petrus De Cruce Analysis

    The primary discussion this paper will address Petrus de Cruce's Aucun ont trouve/Lonc tans/Annuntiantes and its significance both historically and culturally on the motet genre. One of significance aspects of this piece is the voice range of triplum and motetus as well as how rhythmetrically complex it is. While not completely confined to that, the paper will discuss the characteristics of the motet as well as the implication of musical content and texture that Cruce used in his piece. The…

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  • Human Phenomenon Analysis

    “ill repute”. I found both Jazz and Ragtime to be unique and different from what kinds of music my generation has been expected to listen to. When reading I came across Louis Armstrong. He was a singer, musician, and composer. He is one of the most influential influences in Jazz music still today. What fascinated me about him and his band playing is that they didn’t have arrangements of what they would play. It was “spontaneous improvising. In this way each of the members would have a solo and…

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  • Choppin Piano Sonata No 2 Analysis

    technical and expressive devices. His musical style can be described as unique because of his variety and complexity of compositional techniques. The Piano Sonata Op.35 No.2 is an illustration of Chopin’s musical style where he explores several elements found in the nineteenth century music such as the “idea of artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity. Furthermore, the nineteenth century music was a time of individualism and intense feelings where the literary movement,…

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  • Classical Music Concert Report

    Let me explain. First of all is public, and as I mentioned before, people who came to listen to the western music concert are feeling the music in different ways. Audience don’t need the lyrics, but enjoy the sound, keep the traditions of the original musical instrument a very like absolute music. Coming back to performance of House Band who was using special electric musical effects, such as distortion, phases, etc. In case of listening the pop or R&B music the audience can show their emotions…

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