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  • Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

    It was cold and ordinary evening on March 5, 1770, when I was walking down King street with my friend Henry. As were walking past the Custom House a young wig maker's apprentice walked up to a British soldier and insulted him because he had not payed for a wig. Another British soldier had walked out and scolded the young boy for disrespecting a British soldier. The boy exchanged insults with the soldier so he pulled out his musket and struck the boy on the side of the head. A stream of chills rushed through my body when I witnessed that. He fell on the cold, snowy ground crying in pain. This attracted a crowd of people that grew larger and more boisterous as people began to yell at the British soldiers. The church bells were rung, which usually means that there is a fire, bringing more and more people out. By the time the bells stopped, there were over fifty people gathered together, yelling and scolding the soldiers who had their muskets loaded and pointing at the crowd. I stood to the side because I would never want to have a gun pointed at me. I knew something was going to happen because some folks in the crowd started to pick up stones and make…

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  • Harper's Ferry: A Short Story

    Red Polo Shirt no longer wanted my agreement. He wanted my understanding. As he spoke, I tried to avoid his gaze. I tried to zone him out. To focus on the weight of the musket in my hand and heat of the bright sun rays on my face. “I am not a racist,” he said again. And again. And again. There was a long bayonet at the end of my musket, a triangular fifteen inches of sharpened steel. My right arm grew sorer by the minute as I looked him in the eye. Silent as the grave. Unnerved by my silence,…

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  • Weapons In The 19th Century

    conflict at a faster rate. In the 19th century Warfare was changed tremendously with the development of the musket, the rifle, and the machine-gun as they increased the effectiveness of previous weaponry, changed in design, and increased the death toll. To begin, a musket is muzzle-loaded smooth firearm that is fired from the shoulder.…

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  • Precision Weapons Essay

    being made and used around the world. In today’s wars, precision weapons are a normal thing, which have made wars much cheaper and quicker. The development of precision weapons has changed the outcomes of many wars throughout history. Before the development of precision weapons, wars were long and protracted, which led to soldiers getting very fatigued. The weapons used before the development of “real” precision weapons were often very long and quite inaccurate. Soldiers had to be quite close…

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  • Trench Warfare Vs Trench Warfare

    Compared to WWI, the American Revolution was fought in an entirely different fashion. During this period of time, the musket was favored as the primary weapon for the infantry. Unlike the automatic machine gun, the musket was very difficult to reload after a single shot and failed to stop an infantry advance with the efficiency of WWI technology. Due to this lacking capability of technology of the time, a very different style of conducting a battle was utilized. Instead of trench warfare, which…

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  • European Settlers In William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

    settlers bring to the new land. Balboa has met a jaguar which is a lot more different than where he has come from. He then hears a twig snap and then his dog, Leoncico comes out from the bushes. So he brought his dogs to Central America. In Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford described that they found a dead grumpus (dolphin) from a storm. They ate the grumpus and harvest the blubber for lanterns. The natives, they found had a small groups scattered across the land they notice they had…

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  • Honda Tadakatsu Essay

    finest generals and fought in almost all of his master’s major battles. He also gained distinction at the Battle of Anegawa, helping in the defeat of the armies under the Azai and Asakura clans along with Tokugawa’s ally, Oda Nobunaga. He served at Tokugawa’s greatest defeat, the Battle of Mikatagahara, where he called in the left wing of the his master’s army, facing off against troops under one of the Takeda clan’s more notable generals, Naito Masatoyo. The battle ended in defeat, Honda…

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  • Advantages Of European Conquest Of The America

    European Conquer of the America’s European conquering of the Americas was made possible with the technological advances the Europeans had at the time of arriving in the New World. The Spaniards and Portuguese employed such resources as the use of the steel sword, armor, muskets and cannons against the native’s bows and arrows and wooden clubs. Use of the horse in battle gave the Europeans an advantage over the native’s since they feared the animal. European culture gave them an advantage since…

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  • Eli Whitney And The Cotton Gin Essay

    world’s cotton was coming from North America and the South was supplying sixty percent of the United States exports (Schur). Whitney returned to New England in 1798. In the same year, Whitney received a contract with the federal government to produce ten-thousand firearms. The Government had been looking for private contractors to provide firearms because of the possibility of going to war with France. Whitney promised ten-thousand muskets to be delivered within two years and set up a shop in…

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  • Colonial Williamsburg History

    As an authentic historical reference, Colonial Williamsburg provides valuable information on the development of America along with its functionality during early growth. Though all of Williamsburg was constantly bustling, newly opening shops and some of the most important buildings were littering the heart of the new colony. The Magazine is the most important of the buildings, providing a place for musket and gunpowder storage in a great location of the city. In its high walls and narrow…

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