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  • The Role Of Women In My Antonia, By Willa Cather

    In Willa Cather’s novel entitled My Antonia, she writes about several female characters that, in essence, challenge the stereotypical women’s role in a male-dominated society during the early 1900s. In Trifles, a play written by Susan Glaspell, she depicts her female characters as crafty and bright and not simply inferior intellectually to their male counterparts. Upon closer examination of these two pieces of work, Cather and Glaspell demonstrate that these female characters defy the existing typecast of women as being less capable than men. In My Antonia, Cather conveys, rather convincingly, that she did not adhere to society’s view that women should be restricted solely to the domestic domain. Her writing encompasses* the idea that women…

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  • My Antonia Symbolism

    My Antonia by Willa Cather is a novel that includes bone-chilling tragedy and life affirming uplift. The story centers around a memoir by Jim Burdin, a middle age New York lawyer who decided to write down his reminsces of his dear friend Antonia Shimerda. The story begins with Burdin heading on a train for Nebraska to live with his grandparents. He is ten years old and both of his parents have recently died. On the train he spots a Russian immigrant family and he is intrigued by them; the family…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Just Don T Love You Again

    "I just don 't love you anymore." He wouldn 't look into my eyes, I 'm not sure he has the whole time I 've been here. "What do you mean? You can 't just stop loving me!" I let out a nervous laugh, my hands were starting to shake and I could feel the tears in my eyes. "You can 't just throw three years away!" I screamed, anger taking over me. "Clara, things change! I 'm sorry but I just can 't anymore!" He yelled back at me, finally looking up at me as tears swam in my eyes and ran down my…

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  • Personal Narrative-Death Doesn T Ask For Permission

    day, I have been constantly reminding myself that life is short and when death knocks on your door, you can’t really call 911 or do anything. Now my thoughts towards death and what happens after I die became more distressing and uncontrollable. I’ve come to…

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  • Why Do People Travel By Anita Desai Essay

    At that time I had stimulus to learn english. At first time, I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t described my ideas to other people in english. However, I was practicing english every day. I started to feel that my english improved in that short time. A learn about Singapore a lot of interesting facts. One of them which I thought was curious, that chewing gum in this country is illegal. If the police see you with gum, you will pay a big forfeit. Also you can not eat food in the public place.…

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  • The Code Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    After the mockery of King Arthur’s court when the Green Knight notes, “Where is now your arrogance and your awesome deeds, your valor and your victories and your vaunting words,” (lines 311-312) one of the many knights in attendance is obligated to come forward to keep their pride and to save the name of King Arthur’s court. Following this encounter, Sir Gawain steps up to fight the Green Knight, which allowed King Arthur to not have to fight the Green Knight. The code of chivalry helps explain…

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  • Stylistic Analysis Of The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep is an interesting novel by Raymond Chandler with many twists and turns throughout the entire plot, with an abrupt plot twist at the very end. The story is set in the in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s, from the point of view of Philip Marlowe, the protagonist. The basic plot of the entire story starts when a private detective, Philip Marlowe, gets hired by a wealthy man, General Sternwood, for a job, which involves the blackmailing of one of his two daughters, Vivian Regan.…

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  • Young Life Purpose

    going camp and listening to talks by the guest speaker. At both of these you are able to have fun and be serious while trying to expand you faith. Another purpose of Young Life is to show that you have people that want to support you and show you that you aren’t alone in your journey. They want to show you how to get through the hard times in life and that God has a plan no matter what even if it is not what you envisioned. This is so meaningful because you are able to be in a safe and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dorm Room

    I think that my dorm room is a representation of my front-stage behavior. This is the case because although it is my room, I share it with a friend, and although it is our room, we often have other people in it with us. Dorm rooms are a space in which friends can gather for a party, to study together, or even to watch this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It is more of a public space than a private space in which I can be alone. I keep my dorm room in a manner in which I would publically…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Soccer Player

    up an imminent career as soccer player when I was younger; one of the biggest teams selected me and everybody anticipated I would have an outstanding career in soccer… well, all except dad: my father had something else in mind for me and decided not to support the dream of my life. At the beginning it was hard to believe, unfair, selfish. Then we had a conversation and I learnt that he pursued a career in soccer when he was seventeen, contrary to my grandparents desire for his only child, and he…

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