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  • Mutual Insurance Case Study

    Jennifer McNab of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Susan Iversen and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery. INTERVIEW SETTING On 10/24/16 I met Ms. Iversen at her home. She is alert and oriented. Ms. Iversen was willing to work with a nurse case manager and provide history and current medical information. MEDICAL FACTORS Ms. Iversen was a restrained driver when a car pulled out in front of her. She was taken to the Providence emergency room by an ambulance. She reported that initially she had bilateral arm and hand pain. That has improved. She was diagnosed with a right trimalleolar fracture. She had a surgical repair to the ankle on 9/28/16. She was…

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  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Case Summary

    NOW COMES Defendant, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, by and through its attorneys Garan Lucow Miller, P.C., by W. John Stenton, and in answer to plaintiff's complaint states the following: 1. Admit. 2. In answer to paragraph 2 of plaintiff’s complaint, Defendant Liberty Mutual Insurance Company admits that it was doing business in the County of Chippewa, State of Michigan, as to any remaining allegations contained in said paragraph defendant Liberty Mutual states that it lacks knowledge or…

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  • Auto Insurance Industry Analysis

    Both types of insurance companies both offer the same thing to their customers but the sit up of each company limits them to what they can offer. There are two types of auto insurances companies serving buyers. One group consists of publicly traded companies that must satisfy both shareholders and policyholders. The other type known as a mutual company must only satisfy the policyholders. The conflict and competition between the two groups aren’t as obvious as many other industries because of…

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  • African American Cooperatives: A Case Study

    American cooperative. “For two centuries they did not earn a regular wage or even own their bodies but they often saved what they could and pooled their savings to help buy their own and one another’s freedom.” Gordan Nembhard emphasizes that here, “In every period of American history , African Americans pooled resources to solve personal , family , social , political , and economic challenges . They often addressed freedom , health , child development , education , burial , employment , and…

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  • Case Study: Melisa Redmond Of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

    Melisa Redmond of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Whitney Kononchuk and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery. INTERVIEW SETTING On 9/20/16 I met Ms. Kononchuk and her mother at Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. Ms. Kononchuk was in a hospital bed. Ms. Konochuk was alert and oriented. I provided her mother my consent to read and she…

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  • A Case Study Of Reliance Corporation, Capital India Ltd

    equities, derivatives, currency, IPO’s, mutual funds, bonds,and corporate FD’s. The large assortment of financial contributions help customer to accomplish their investment objective on one platform. Rsec provide safe online trading platform and investment activities in best and suitable manner. To increase more participation, it also give the ease of trading offline through range of means including calls and Trade, Branch dealing desks and network of affiliates. It provide high degree…

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  • Mutual Fund Essay

    Mutual funds collect funds from small investors or unit-holders. The funds so collected are invested in buying shares of companies. Thus, MFs; provide funds to companies for business purposes. (b) They act as indicators between investors and companies. By buying shares in mutual funds, the individual investor becomes part of our institution and so can stand on even terms. (c) Mutual funds are organized, operated and managed by companies that do the practical administrative things that…

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  • Mutual Fund History

    The idea of mutual fund began to take shape in India in 1963 with the set up and enactment of Unit Trust of India (UTI) when the UTI Act, 1963 was framed to operate both as a financial institute and an investment trust. In 1964, the board of trustees formulated an openended scheme and launched it with scale of units begin open in the month of July, 1964 at the nominal value of Rs. 10 each. Thus, the UTI came out with its first open-ended scheme in 1964. During the initial phase of the…

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  • Best Investment In College Essay

    Scenario: Suppose you are a second semester sophomore at a public university. Every summer you work part time as a lifeguard and a waitress. Each job pays minimum, but working 38 hours a week has double your income. By the end of the summer you have earned $4,500. After paying expenses such as car insurance, school supplies, luxury goods, and hiding away some cash for the school year, final ending amount of is $3,000. After spending the summer researching various stocks, mutual bonds, and ETA’s…

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  • Unit Trust Of India

    UTI (Unit Trust of India) The Unit Trust of India to a great extent manages the common asset plans and in this way famously known as UTI Mutual Fund all over India. It is overseen by UTI Asset Management Company Private Limited which was set up on January 14, 2003. UTI Asset Management Company Private Limited has been constituted by the UTI Trustee Company Private Limited for managing different plans created by UTI shared asset furthermore the plans that are exchanged by the UTI common asset…

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