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  • Muslim Brotherhood Influence

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a Religious Non Government Organization that operates in Egypt who have developed their political ideology through competing in a previously secular political space. The Muslim Brotherhood fill the void in Egyptian Governments social programs through supplying aid to underdeveloped parts of Egypt in the form of education, medical aid, and acts of charity & welfare on behalf of the community, however their work is self motivated as it seeks to both spread the word of Islam through charity work and to gain political support. This essay looks at the Muslim Brotherhood’s political influence in Egypt to see if it challenges the freedom of religion, the separation of church and state, and the equality of the individual.…

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  • Islam: The Influence Of The Muslim Brotherhood

    the way of Allah is our highest hope”- Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood. [1] The Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhwaan as it is also referred to , is one of the oldest and most important religious organizations whose inception was 80 years ago. It is, as it’s name suggests, a representative of political, Sunni Islam, that began as a welfare group, but soon rose to power, becoming much more influential than the Egyptian government. The Brotherhood aims at helping both Muslims and non-Muslims understand…

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  • Example Of Racial Discrimination

    on what he saw as the devastating erosion by capitalist individualism…” (Mandaville 98). Which directly stimulates acts of oppression and racism Sayyid witnessed. The pressures enforced on these two required them to adopt ways of coping or at least begin to change the current conditions of this reality. Malcom on one hand fell in to the depths of this racial system. He became addicted to drugs, gambled, hustled and committed crimes. All these circumstances he blamed on the “white devils” of his…

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  • Muslim Brotherhood Movement In The Mlamian Revolution

    Parallel to those of the Iranian revolution, this group of people was driven by political concerns of the society and eventually turned their political problems to religion. This movement was initiated by Hassan al-Banna, an ordinary religious scholar whose foundation of political activism was rooted in Islamic values. It was also Egyptian youths, who continued to take a critical role in the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt through the 1970s. When President Sadat was becoming a target of…

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  • Radicalization In Psychology

    radicalization process by separating the development into four prongs. He labels the first prong as moral outrage, describing it as situations where Muslims are visually and/or audibly exposed to crimes against other Muslims (Sageman 72). The second prong is a specific interpretation through which the moral outrage is framed as part of an “apocalyptic war on Islam” (Sageman 81). The third prong is when this belief, the war on Islam, resonates with one’s personal experiences, chiefly…

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  • Themes Of Dancer And Shinny Game That Changed The Ice

    In Shinny Game That Melted the Ice the puck represents the development of the brotherhood and journey to belonging. It says “the puck a forgotten thing tucked away in the corner of the net.” (Wagamese 82), this represents that they have officially achieved the relationship they were looking for and he has found the belonging that he has desired for a long time. Because of the series of events that led to this moment, they were able to reconnect through a mutual love of hockey. The main component…

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  • Why I Want To Become President

    It was home. I didn’t join Alpha Kappa Psi for the only reason to help build myself professionally, but it was because I wanted to help it grow. It was a place in which I wanted to nurture not only myself, but the organization itself. That’s why I’m so willing to dedicate so much of my time to the brotherhood as I don’t just simply believe in the brand of Alpha Kappa Psi, but the brand of the Alpha Omicron Chapter. But passion alone doesn’t necessitate the responsibilities to take up the…

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  • Radical Islam's War Against The West Analysis

    from Arab television and media broadcasts, supplemented with the personalized accounts from individuals who are experts or have experienced radical Islam. What is striking about Kopping 's documentary is the abundant and detailed collection of evidence, captured through imagery and testimonial which he uses to compel his audience. At the series opening, Kopping sets out to immediately distinguish how radical Islamic terror is not representative of the Islamic religion itself. That opening…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Waqf

    and cash money. Although the general idea of Waqf is as old as humanity, Muslim jurist argue that the first Waqf ever existed is the sacred building of Ka’ba in Makkah since the Quran(3.96)…

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  • The Fear Of Islamophobia

    Is there really a phenomenon about the fear of Islam called Islamophobia? Or is it just an illusion? Islamophobia is the fear of Islam and is an act of prejudice against Muslims. It’s been spreading in the past decades widely in the western countries due to the increased number of Muslims. According to Oxford English Dictionary, the first time the term was used was in 1923 in an article in The Journal of Theological Studies (Simpson, 1989). The causes of Islamophobia impact people who don’t…

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