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  • Personal Narrative: A Winter's Tale

    payment on the clothing and went back home. That night we were aroused, fired up for the trip and the snow. We couldn’t have anticipated for what type of journey was ahead of us. If only we knew what was coming. We woke up early, ready to set off. Getting the last of our things into our Dodge van. “How long is this going to be until we get there?” my brother asked. “About 8 to 9 hours.”…

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  • Said Dwight: A Fictional Narrative

    stroked her bare shoulders. "Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of our lives." Said Alex. "Yes it will be." Said Rosita. In the morning Alex drove to the Hilltop with Florence in the back set Maggie greeted him when he got out of the car but she was worried as well Alex dropped Florence in the office where Maggie was. "Hey whats up?" Asked Alex. "Megan gone." Said Maggie. "What! I thought my uncle was here as well." Said Alex. "No he never made it." Said Jesus. "Shit!" Said Alex.…

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  • How I Changed Over The Last Five Years

    To adequately answer the questions I’m going to go through my life in increments of five years with how I acted and thought, and I will go into detail of the important people in every five years and how they changed me. From ages zero to five I was the rowdiest and happiest little kid you would ever meet. I loved everyone and I wanted to make everyone smile. My mom says that I was always saying, “watch me daddy watch me” to my dad over every little thing I thought he might be interested in.…

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  • Cops Satire

    again. It was almost midnight on a hot July weekend and my brothers and I were out past our curfew; and the only thing that’s out at that time of night is trouble. We were young and wild and used to doing…

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  • Wellington Academy Knights: A Short Story

    We were gazing up at the stars, congratulating ourselves on our latest victory for the Wellington Academy Knights. It had been a tough game, my muscles were sore with exhaustion, but burning for more domination. I was startled when Bash stiffened and his tone became serious and quiet while he said, “I need a favor from you. You have to promise me that...if for some reason...I can’t be here for have to promise that you’ll take care of her, for me. It’s’re the only guy I…

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  • 1984 Book Report Essay

    Winston is a static character he was at first very worried about Big Brother, but later he began to develop revolutionary dreams about being free from Big Brother. The saying they use when talking about Big Brother is “Big Brother is watching you”, because the party that was Big Brother was watching everyone at all times. And they would say they watched you, track you, and not promit certain things for your own sake. I would relate with Winston Smith because I don’t like the idea of always being…

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  • Themes Of A Dystopian Novel 1984

    The setting of the dystopian novel 1984 seems nightmarish and far-fetched. However, in some places the totalitarian rule of Big Brother is reality. In my opinion, the country that most resembles 1984 is North Korea. The society that main character Winston Smith lives in is characterized by overbearing government surveillance and mind-control of the population. Independent thought is completely outlawed, and people are regularly detained and severely punished if there is even the slightest…

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  • Big Brother Is Watching You Analysis

    In the novel 1984, it talks about a society in the future that controls every aspect of life and every little move anyone makes is recorded and documented for the government to see. The saying “Big Brother is watching you” is referred to many times in this book since Big Brother is the leader of The Party and also the one that can be referred to as a god. With the advancement of technology at a steady rate, we may think to ourselves that this world may become what orwell described in his novel…

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  • Big Brother Media Analysis

    Ninety-nine days previous, sixteen strangers stepped into a house to compete for half of one million dollars. An annual summer tradition of CBS’ summer lineup, Big Brother is the only reality TV show that exists on the basis of 24-hour surveillance. The Big Brother house is no home to privacy. Cameras and microphones monitor every square inch. Viewers tune into a summer of manipulation, confrontation, showmances, tears, and “epic” battles three nights a week. As if that wasn’t enough, CBS offers…

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  • How Did George Orwell Become Terrorized In 1984

    this is Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984. This character brings a reign of terror to the people by threatening them and torturing them with the loss of their loved ones. Big Brother damages the developments of the people within the society, Winston, and the evolution of Winston and Julia’s relationship. Big Brother is never physically present, however the outcome of his actions are appearent. He is a reminder to everyone to be loyal to the party and that he is watching every move they…

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