My Lai Massacre

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  • My Lai Massacre

    On the morning of March 16, 1968 in a small village called My Lai in the Quang Nai province of Vietnam, small families of mothers, young children, and elderly were naively enjoying their breakfasts and chattering amongst themselves. Not long after, soldiers of the Charlie Company commanded by Lieutenant William Calley Jr. invaded the hamlet in a search and destroy mission (Robertson 465). American soldiers relentlessly and mercilessly attacked unarmed, unresisting Vietnamese families. The air was thick with smoke and the smell of blood. Bodies were strewn across the dirt grounds; the simultaneous sound of guns firing could be heard from afar. The tragedy swept America as a shock when the reality of the events came to light. However, having…

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  • My Lai Massacre Essay

    international battle. The My Lai Massacre, one result of American intervention in the Vietnam War, caused immediate tension between the American soldiers and devastation for the Vietnamese, leading to escalating opposition on the home front, and ultimately the shattering trust in the United States’ government policy. The change of support for the War, particularly in America, affected it in the Vietnamese’s favour. The Son My area, specifically My Lai 4, was suspect to being a stronghold for…

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  • The Vietnam War: The My Lai Massacre

    about was the My Lai massacre, which opened the eyes of many people. The My Lai massacre was an important event in the Vietnam war that caused the citizens of the United States to have a strong doubt in their military which can still be felt today. The idea of the strategy of war had changed…

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  • My Lai Massacre, Jonestown Massacre

    Obedience To Authority Obedience basically means compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority. Following the orders of authority blindly can have many negative effects. My Lai Massacre, Jonestown Massacre, Millgram Experiment and Nanking Massacre are some incidents that have caused negative consequences as a result of obedience to authority. My Lai Massacre took place in 1968. On the morning of March 16, 1968, soldiers of Charlie company, arrived in the hamlet…

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  • The My Lai Massacre

    The My Lai Massacre took place on March 16, 1968, in a small village located in the Quang Ngai province named My Lai. The U.S. soldiers thought of My Lai as a stronghold of their Viet Cong enemies, and was a frequent target of U.S. and South Vietnamese bombing attacks. An American contingent of 100 soldiers, “Charlie Company”, led by Lieutenant William L. Calley, had received poor intelligence and were told that they would encounter many Viet Cong. After the murder of 504 innocent civilians, the…

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  • Essay On Emotional Burdens In The Vietnam War

    Cold-blooded killing was part of the Vietnam War and no boundaries or rules were followed. Soldiers were constantly paranoid of getting shot by a sniper rifle or being blown up into pieces by all kinds of trap explosives that were used against them. The Vietnam War was not a conventional war, their experience with deadly traps and South Vietnamese oppositions of war threatening US soldiers, caused paranoia in them The constant thinking that they could die anytime or be killed by a Vietnamese,…

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  • A Few Good Men Disobedience

    This fact is supported by the article “The My Lai Massacre.” In the piece, it is constantly brought up that “it is unclear what was ordered” (Kelman, Hamilton). Although in the film, Lt. Kendrick commands Santiago to be given a Code Red, the confounding element in the situation is that there were two orders given to the men. One was to not touch Santiago, and the other was to punish him. Dawson and Downey followed the most recent order given to them, which was to go into Santiago’s room and give…

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  • The Genocidal Killer In The Mirror

    The Film A Few Good Men provides a lens through which to view the issues discussed in the articles "The Genocidal Killer in the Mirror" by Crispin Sartwell and "The My Lai Massacre: A Military Crime of Obedience" by Herbert C. Kelman and V. Lee Hamilton. The film depicts a classic struggle between moral correctness and militarized obedience. In "The Genocidal Killer in the Mirror," Sartwell describes that in certain situations and circumstances even the most moral people could be swayed into…

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  • Arguments Against The Vietnam War

    The violence was so appalling that other U.S. troops like helicopter door-gunner, Larry Colburn, who worked as an aerial scout felt they had to land the helicopter between the soldiers and a group of women and children taking refuge in a bunker to save them (Appy 348). Yet due in part to lies perpetuated by the Army, and in part to a reaction of denial by United States citizens, it took a while for the massacre to change people’s minds about the war. Before the massacre, citizens saw the Vietnam…

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  • My Lia Massacre In Vietnam

    remain a secret. With events like the attempted cover up of the My Lia massacre in mind, the question that is to be debated is the morality of secret actions in the terms of protecting the American public. The American policy towards secrecy should be to declassify any document that is not relevant in any ongoing act, in order to keep the public informed on what its country is doing during a time of war. With the public aware of the actions of its government is the only small checks and…

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