The Vietnam War: The My Lai Massacre

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The Vietnam War was a violent and perplexing time for citizens and military personal for both the United States and Vietnam. After Vietnamese forces defeated the French colonists in the 1950s, the United States decided to step in, which sparked a different fire in the United States. People had started calling out against the war, especially after the war crimes that the United States committed against Vietnamese citizens. The prominent and most widely talked about was the My Lai massacre, which opened the eyes of many people. The My Lai massacre was an important event in the Vietnam war that caused the citizens of the United States to have a strong doubt in their military which can still be felt today.
The idea of the strategy of war had changed
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In modern times, the trust in the military is still lower than the trust in the military during World War Two and The Korean War. The impact of Vietnam is still felt today, and it can be proved with some of the incidents like Haditha. The massacre of Haditha was a killing by United States Marines from the Kilo company, third battalion First Marines on November 19, 2005. The attack killed 24 unarmed Iraqi men, women, and children. This attack was very similar to the My Lai massacre because innocent people who did not have anything to do the insurgency, that were killed because of anger and emotion rather than the logic of the minds of the Marines involved. The impact on the massacre was very similar to the My Lai massacre, like the deficiency of support from the American Public. Stated here, the support for the Iraq was starting lessen day by day, “In the United States, Mueller contends, backing for the Iraq war probably won 't fall because it 's already dwindled, slowly but steadily, to hard-core war hawks”(5). Support for the war was already starting to die down, and Haditha was just another reason to be Anti-war. This previous statement is the exact same for the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, which was another reason to be anti-war for Vietnam. As the author states for the Iraq mishap, ‘“If you 're …show more content…
It is very important in during the war and in today’s society because it taught the American public to be more weary of the things that the government and the military partake in. The impact of the genocide in My Lai sparked an impact that shall be in the minds of the American public

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