The My Lai Massacre: Causes And Impacts Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a violent and perplexing time for citizens and military personal for both the United States and Vietnam. After Vietnamese forces defeated the French colonists in the 1950s, the United States decided to step in, which sparked a different fire in the United States. People had started calling out against the war, especially after the war crimes that the United States committed against Vietnamese citizens. The prominent and most widely talked about was the My Lai massacre, which opened the eyes of many people. The My Lai massacre was an important event in the Vietnam war that caused the citizens of the United States to have a strong doubt in their military which can still be felt today.
The idea of the strategy of war had changed
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In the aftermath, all of the soldiers in the “C” company did not get any disciplinary action, even though more than 500 innocent people were killed. Instead, frustration by the American Public and even the soldiers themselves was beginning to rise, and the people began to divide on the idea if the United States had to leave Vietnam now. Even the troops in Vietnam began to doubt their superiors about other killings that may have taken place. As stated, “The revelations of the My Lai massacre caused morale to plummet even further, as GIs wondered what other atrocities their superiors were concealing.”(3). Citizens started to lose more trust and support for their troops, and this was a downward spiral, and the coming of the end for the Vietnam war. Military action had ended on April 30, 1975, which marked an end to 20 year war with miniscule support for the war. The end of Vietnam was not the end of an idea. All the wars that followed the Vietnam War had been meet with the same type of message, which was not to go to war, no matter the problems. The My Lai massacre set the stage for the thinking of the American public when it comes to

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