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  • Essay On Pathogenisms Of Plants

    may produce less sick if their leaves, which are necessary for photosynthesis, are affected by a disease. The damage may affect the edible parts of the cultivation, or, in the case of cultivars ornamental, they may lose their attractiveness, in both cases it can affect the commercial value of the crop. To improve the storage period and the quality of the plants and the products harvested. The losses by diseases occur after the harvest, during storage. Fungi often spoiled (make unusable) fruits, vegetables, tubers and seeds stored. Some fungi that infect grains produce toxins (mycotoxins), which produce severe disturbances and even the death of human beings and animals that consume them. The fungicides have been used to reduce mycotoxin contamination in wheat affected by Fusarium head blight, but most of the fungicides developed so far, have not been efficient enough to be used in the management of mycotoxins associated with other diseases.In the animal world, communication plays a crucial role in reproduction, feeding and defense against predators. Given what is useful and irreplaceable of these mechanisms, it is not surprising that they have arisen independently in a multitude of groups and occasions independent larva of evolutionary history.The songs of courtship, the marking of territory, the chemical and visual tracks toward food sources, the signals of alarm in case of danger or the directed to defend themselves against predators, are only some examples of the importance…

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  • Eldana Saccharina Walker Case Study

    2003). Sometimes these pesticides increase mycotoxin production (Hrubošová-Hrmová et al., 2011) and there is a serious problem of pathogenic microorganisms developing resistance against pesticides (Kozlovsky et al., 1999). There is also concerns with the pesticides’ negative effects on non-target organisms including beneficial bacteria and fungi, plants, animals and even humans Zukerman and Esnard, 1994. There is a demand to develop some environmentally safer methods to cope with damage of…

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  • Bottle Mold Research Paper

    Stachybotrys (black mold) is a dark green almost black slimy mold that produces a deadly poison called mycotoxins. It often grows on cellulose based items like straw and paper after coming into contact with water. Stachybotrys enters a person’s system through the spores. Spores are tiny seed like structures which are produced in the mold. Mold spores are invisible to an person’s naked eye. The spores multiply promptly after coming into contact with water. Mycotoxins are present on the surface…

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  • Yellow Rain Vietnam War Theory

    over. From yellow liquid falling from planes to eyewitness accounts, Yellow Rain had an impact on people in Southeast Asia. The mysteries of Yellow Rain is being disputed to this day and the results are still inconclusive. In 1981, United States Secretary of State Alexander Haig accused the Soviet Union on supplying the communist states in Vietnam and Laos with “Yellow Rain”. Alexander Haig believed that T-2 mycotoxins were used as a counterinsurgency warfare. Through scientific research,…

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  • Nutrition And Food Security Essay

    including Togo, is under investigation. Rural poultry genetic improvement programs did not receive sustainable poultry improvements, which led to “operational and financial problems of state-owned farms” (Kitalyi, 1998). Thus, if the safety of food does not improve it will halt all consecutive functions such as business, income and health. The Togolese people need help with their food security and safety. These problems will exacerbate many health issues if they continue. For example, the…

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  • Gmo Effects On Animals Research Paper

    Susan Harlander, Thomas Hoban, IV, Martina McGloughlin, and Amin Aklaghi argue that, “Bt organisms have been modified to express a class of insecticidal proteins called Cry. These proteins are effective against certain insect pests but are harmless to humans, mammals, and birds.”. For example, corn is a beneficial modification in plants, in 1996, corn was engineered to create a protein that kept the corn worm from eating or destroying the corn plant. The proteins grow a special pesticide that…

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  • Mold Prevention Techniques Essay

    the professionals to have them removed pronto. Mold may not look like a danger at first, but if you allow it to spread and grow your health suffers. There are three types of mold that commonly grow in households: allergenic mold, pathogenic mold and toxigenic mold. Each mold has their own level of severity, and affect individuals differently depending on the person’s health condition. Allergenic Mold: Not life-threatening, but may pose as a problem to individuals who have asthma and allergies. …

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  • Blue Ringed Octopus Research Paper

    One type of poison secreted is primarily effective against crabs, its primary food source, and the other is very toxic and is used against predators for defensive purposes. It is not known whether the octopus simply secretes saliva near prey, and waits for it to become incapacitated, or if it actually bites its prey. Once it’s prey is dead, the octopus begins consuming it with its powerful beak-like mouth. What to do if you get bit! The bite of the blue-ringed octopus may be painless but it is…

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  • Beef Meals Research Paper

    oranges, quinoa, kelp, spinach, carrots, chicory root, and papaya. The probiotics filling this product are beneficial to your dog in that they encourage digestion, nutrient-absorption, and immune health. In each forty-pound bag, there are approximately one hundred and seventy cups of food; for one dog, that would last about eight weeks. Diamond products, including this one, are not exposed to the harmful process of irradiation. Irradiation uses damaging rays to purify foods while leaving some…

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  • Global Warming In Africa Research Paper

    animals become extinct. We will experience more wild and uncontrollable fires, strong winds and high temperatures. We will certainly have an increase in health issues as more diseases will be able to survive and grow in certain weather conditions. Diseases such as malaria, cholera and death as a result of heat stress. Impact of global warming on Africa’s people While croplands shrink by more than 90% the people of Africa will have lack of nutrition our soil will be salinized sometimes to toxic…

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