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  • Bread Mold Essay

    protein than any other food. But bread also needs temperature, is the difference between hot and cold and is measured on a standard scale. The major factors that affect the growth of the mold are nutrients, temperature, pH, environment, and water activity. The food industry spends billions of dollars every year on refrigeration to investigate if it is the best temperature to store bread so that it won 't become moldy. The main aim of my experiment is to investigate what is the best temperature to store bread in. This research can become helpful to people around the world that are having trouble finding the right temperature to store their bread along with knowing what is the temperature that makes the bread mold . When bread molds, it breaks down dead organic…

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  • Vulcanizing Mold Research

    Vulcanizing mold To form a tread on green tire, a mold must mold and melt the rubber. The inside circumference of the circular tread face part of the mold that will be in contact where the tread of the green tire will be is a negative shape of the tread to be on that green tire to be shaped. The outside of the circular tread face is in contact with the pre-heating or curing molds inside circumference. The tread shapes on the tire is formed by ribs and/or lugs on the inside of the circular…

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  • Mold Bread Mold Experiment

    Previous Experiments: What Makes Mold Grow? We are going to perform a mold bread experiment to grow our own mold and find out whether mold does indeed grow faster at higher temperatures. What is Mold? Mold is something that we often take for granted, as something that makes us have to throw the bread away or the cheese smell bad.Mold is, in fact, a fascinating organism which has had many different uses over the years and our lives would not be the…

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  • Breaking The Mold In The Crucible

    Its human nature to break out of the mold that has been set by society and others around us, and for the residents of the Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts, this was seen in various circumstances and in different ways. As one young girl, the antagonist, broke the mold, the Puritan community was thrown into turmoil. The events to follow the spark she lit would lead to the blinded killing of innocent people. The events in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible show firsthand the way the actions out of…

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  • Mold On The Cornbread Analysis

    South Exists as a Genre Katherine A. Burnett wrote Mold on the Cornbread: The Spore Paradigm of Southern Studies (2016) with the purpose of arguing for “the continued importance of regional distinctions and, further, the importance of southern studies.” (Burnett 162). She starts her essay by stating that scholars seek to dispose of the Southern distinction of literature and states a couple of arguments that might be made for the disposal of it. Then she turns around and states her thesis and…

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  • Bottle Mold Research Paper

    Mold is fungi that are found outdoors and inside homes. Molds grows exceptionally well on paper products and in moist dark environments. Nevertheless, mold is found in every environment, including dry conditions and reproduce year round. Areas in which mold are found include greenhouses, saunas, farms, mills, construction areas, basements and showers. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) mold thrives on three conditions. First, mold needs a food source i.e. leaves, paper drywall.…

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  • Emma And Moll, Breaking The Mold

    Emma and Moll, Breaking the Mold The 18 and 19th centuries are remembered for the literal and art creations as depicted in the Daniel Defoe’s The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders of 1722 and Gustave Flaubert Madame Bovary of 1856. The two pieces are novels exploring the lives of heroines Moll Flanders and Emma Bovary respectively. Similar to other pieces of increasing critical thinking such as law and philosophy at the time, the two novels were based on societal changes…

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  • Breaking The Mold: Jazz Music In The 1950's

    Breaking the Mold Jazz music in the 1950’s typically consisted of smooth, melodic lines, and compositions in 4/4, and in some cases, 3/4 rhythm, which made it easy for listeners to dance along to, therefore boosting the popularity of the particular band. Dave Brubeck went against this commonality, and created music that he enjoyed playing, rather than composing songs that fit into the standardized “jazz mold.” This decade introduced some immensely talented jazz musicians with the innovative…

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  • Bread Vs Wheat Bread Research

    Which bread mold grows the fastest White Bread vs Whole Wheat? Method: 1. Place a piece of bread into a zip lock bag, and put a teaspoon full of water over each piece. Make sure that each piece of bread are equally damp by spreading the water evenly. 2. Place each zip lock bag in a warm, dark environment where they won’t be disturbed and keep some distance between the samples. Don’t let the zip lock bags touch. 3. Make sure to take evidence everyday such as a photo or written down somewhere…

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  • Injection Molding Theory

    machine, raw plastic material, and a mold. The plastic is melted in the injection molding machine and then injected into the mold, where it cools and solidifies into the final part. Figure 1: Injection molding. Injection molding is used to produce thin-walled plastic parts for a wide variety of applications, one of the most common being plastic housings. Plastic housing is a thin-walled enclosure, often requiring many ribs and bosses…

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