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  • Should Animals Have Rights Essay

    Do you really believe that animals should have the same rights as us humans? If you think about this, passing a Bill of Rights for animals could go against centuries of human culture, increase the cost of food, hinder medical research, and may cause other problems. I believe that animals should not have a Bill of Rights. My first reason is that such a law would go against human culture because we as people run the world. Can animals even work, cook, clean, or even talk, think about it. Giving animals the same rights as we have would just be ignorant. I understand that people want companies to treat animals with more respect which is acceptable, but to give them rights that will just change humanity forever. Humans are use to processed foods and they know what they’re eating so to switch it up would not make sense. The film Blackfish tries to convince the audience that organizations like Seaworld hold wild animals back from having a good life. Personally I do not agree with the film, Seaworld is a very successful water park and shouldn’t be tampered with. If there were to be an animal bill of rights attractions like the zoo or aquariums would not exist. Anyway these showings of animals are for little kids enjoyment, so why are adults trying to take away a lifetime experience. It is not like the children know what is going on, they just see one the biggest sea animals on the planet and get excited and who likes a person who mess with little kids feelings. Honestly it just…

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  • Virgina Key Geography

    Just north of Key Biscayne in sunny Miami, Virgina Key is a protected barrier Island in the Atlantic ocean. Consisting of 863 acres of land, it was once much larger, extending into the Ft. Lauderdale area. Between 1835 and 1838 hurricanes eroded the beach, creating inlets and dividing the island in two. The other portion became Fisher Island, which sits at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. Virgina Key was a part of the civil rights movement. In a time when blacks were prohibited from going…

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  • Essay On Coelomates

    both radial and bilateral symmetric. It is bilaterally symmetric as a larvae but when it turns into an adult it becomes radial. On the phylogenetic tree, Porifera and Cnidaria are the first to separate due to the fact that they are radial symmetry, the other phyla are all bilateral. Porifera is sessile and has collar cells. Cnidaria is diploblastic and has mesoglea. Platyhelminthes, Nematoda, and Rotifera are separated because of coelomation. Platyhelminthes are acoelomate, while everything…

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  • Importance Of Locomotion In Animalia

    separate from the movements of muscles that propel the body forward. Nematodes have long muscles that lie underneath the epidermis, the muscles are all aligned longitudinally along the inside of the body, contractions of these muscles accounts for the whip-like motion of their movement. Annelida; Annelids unlike nematodes developed a true coelom, Annelids have made some advancements like segmentation, with each segment containing a pair of hard bristles called setae which are used for…

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  • Dumbo Octopus Essay

    They eat copepods, isopods, bristle worms, and amphipods. Most of their food if located around ocean venting systems. It’s usually found floating in ocean currents. Everything that they eat are pelagic invertebrates that also swim just above the sea floor. They are the deepest living octopus. 9,800-13,000 ft. is where they are known to hover, they may be even deeper than that. They are worldwide, but mainly found in New Zealand, Australia, Monterey Bay, California, Oregon, Philippines, and…

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  • Mussels And Water Quality Essay

    and C.H. Stevenson. 1908. The Book of the Pearl. Century Co., New York. 548 pp. Layzer, J.B., Gordon, M.E., and R.M. Anderson. 1993. Mussels: the forgotten fauna of regulated rivers. A case study of the Caney Fork River. Regulated Rivers: Research & Management 8: 63-71. Lee, R.D. 1973. Allegheny River dredging study, June 1972 - July 1973. Unpublished report, Pennsylvania Fish Commission, Harrisburg. Lewandowski, K. and A. Stanczykowska. 1975. The occurrence and role of bivalves of the family…

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  • Porifer Animalia

    permit growth (Myers, 2001e). Lastly, arthropods are classified as eucoelomates, with the coelom formed by schizocoely, which overall reduces the volume, and restricts portions of the reproductive and excretory system; thus, leaving most of the body cavity to be a space filled loosely with tissue, sinuses, and blood (Myers, 2001e). The major groups of Arthropods include the centipedes, crustaceans, insects, scorpions, and spiders (Myers, 2001e). Blattaria …

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