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  • Lab Report: Moolar Volume Of A Gas At STP

    Formal Lab Report: Molar Volume of a Gas at STP Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to find out how to experimentally determine what the volume of a mole of H₂(g) is at STP by using gas laws. The hypothesis for the experiment is that if H₂(g) is produced at RT and STP, Avogadro’s law can be used to experimentally determine the amount of H₂(g) because equal gases at the same pressure and temperature have the same amount of particles. In order to find the molar volume, hydrogen gas was produced in a eudiometer tube by reacting magnesium and hydrogen chloride. The results showed that the molar volume of H₂(g) was 27.5L per mole of H₂(g). It was concluded that the molar volume of a gas can be experimentally determined by using gas…

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  • Molar Volume Of Gas Lab Report

    pressure, and volume are all accounted for. Dalton’s law of partial pressure is another theory that was explored in this lab. It states that the total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of the partial pressures of the individual gases. This law makes it possible for the partial pressure of the water vapor to be removed from the total pressure of the gases in the eudiometer tube to yield the partial pressure of hydrogen gas. Molar volume is the volume occupied by one mole of a gas, in this…

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  • The Mole Oaxaqueño

    I was born and raised in Madera, California. My parents have done their best to teach my siblings and me about their culture backgrounds and traditions. My parents are both from the state of Oaxaca, which is in southern Mexico. I started to learn at a very young age about my beliefs and values. During our family events, my parents used this as a learning opportunity to teach me and my siblings about our family tree. My mother comes from a big family so at every event I was introduced to…

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  • Iodometry Lab Report

    until a mustard color is obtained. Starch is then added to amplify the visual cue as explained before. The solution is then titrated to a milky pink and KSCN is added just before the endpoint. The addition of KSCN is necessary since iodine molecules have a tendency to occlude on the surface of CuI and thus, is not readily reduced by thiosulfate. SCN- can compete with this occlusion and free up the iodine so it can be reduced by thiosulfate. Finally, the solution is titrated until a sudden…

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  • Stp Lab

    The problem of the experiment was to determine the volume of one mole of H_(2(g)) at STP. In a way, the problem is essential in understanding how one mole of an ideal gas at STP is always equivalent to 22.4 L. By determining if the volume of a mole of H_(2(g)) is 22.4 L, it supports Avogadro’s law that one mole of an ideal gas occupies 22.4 L at STP. At the same time, it indicates that a direct relationship exists between volume and the number of moles of gas as temperature and pressure stays…

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  • Molarity Of Acid Calculations

    M) * MM(CH3COOH) (0.5967M) * (65.05 g/mol) = 35.85 g/L 4) Percent Acid ((g/L)/(given density)) * 100 ((35.85 g/L)/(1005 g/L)) * 100 = 3.57% UNKNOWN ACID 1) Moles of NaOH ((Vf - Vi)/1000) * M Run #1: ((31.11 – 0.51)/1000) * 0.2116m = .006475 Run #2: ((31.35 – 0.38)/1000) * 0.2116m = .006553 2) Calc Moles of Acid because 1:1 ratio moles acid equals moles NaOH moles acid = Run 1: .006475 and Run #2: .006553 3) Molar Mass (grams used/moles acid) Run #1:…

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  • Atmospheric Pressure Lab Report

    experiment was actually conducted. There could be a pressure difference between the two labs and this could in turn change the values of the data. There was also a variety of data that was provided or given. For example, the diameter of the syringe plunger was given to be 0.90 inches and this could actually not be the true value of the diameter of the syringe plunger. Another example of given data is the atomic masses provided by periodic tables that was used to calculate molar mass in…

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  • Non-Electrolyte Compounds

    Hoff factor for a solute is equivalent to the number of particles, in moles, will break apart in the solvent. When an…

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  • International Prototype Kilogram Essay

    The current standard for the kilogram is the International Prototype Kilogram. The International Prototype Kilogram, also known as Le Grand K, is a platinum-iridium bar made in the 1880’s. This official Kilogram is kept in a vault in Paris under two glass domes. The reason it is under 2 glass domes it to prevent dust from obstructing from the weight of the Kilogram. However according to Sandia National Laboratories, a government organization under the Department of Energy, “Of the seven units of…

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  • Essay On Frog Dissection

    wasn’t just making cool stuff and playing with rocks, it was math. We did have an earth science class in 9th grade, with Mr. Tvedten. He really loved rocks. I thought the unit was boring but his enthusiasm for the subject at least gave me motivation to pay attention during notes. In 11th grade, I had chemistry with Mrs. Hei. I loved this class because we were trusted with fire and chemicals that were potentially dangerous. How many high school classes can you say that about? This class had a lot…

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