Molecular dynamics

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Parallel Computing

    According to a Vice News article published on New Year’s Day 2016, the Intel Corporation bet 16.7 billion dollars on parallel computing by purchasing the manufacturer Altera. This begs the question - why is parallel computing worth so much to Intel? Well, parallel computing offers a tremendous opportunity for the economy and for society through applications in scientific computing and personalized medicine. Blaise Barney notes that the natural world is full of “complex, interrelated events” that happen “at the same time,” which makes a parallel approach more suitable for scientific modeling and simulation. Everything from galaxy formation and planetary motion to climate change and tectonic plates to traffic and assembly lines and fluid dynamics and more can be studied with computer models using parallel software. For instance, meteorologists used the Titan supercomputer at the Oak Ridge national laboratory to predict Hurricane Sandy’s landfall seven days in advance. Also, the National Renewable Energy Lab built a cluster supercomputer that modelled the hundreds of thousands of individual to transmission interconnects and generators in the US power grid, capable of modelling accurately the energy consumption and emissions. Parallel computing has enabled similar advances in the field of medicine. For example, Virginia Tech researcher Wu Feng was able to use parallel computing last year to reduce the time it takes to sequence a human genome from years to weeks. This…

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  • Biochemistry Research Paper

    The research work regarding the chemical processes within/relating to living organisms is said to be biochemistry, also known as biological chemistry. The complication of life can occur during biochemical process, if we control the information flow through biochemical signaling and through metabolism chemical energy flow. Various study fields like botany, medicines, genetics, Etc.which are areas of life science, are engrossed in research related to biochemical because biochemistry has made it…

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  • Geneoombio Technologies Case Study

    Technologies is a revolutionary Molecular diagnostics and research service provider Company founded in year 2005 by Mr. Sachin Purohit, spearheads a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of Scientists who develop assays from inventions that are in-house, from academic institutes or industries, leading to the successful operations of all service domains owned by geneOmbio Technologies. Advances in molecular biology techniques have contributed to better healthcare and life science research. Since…

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  • Fluid Mechanics: Non-Newtonian And Fluid Mechanics

    Table of Contents 1. Fluid Mechanics 1.1 Main Branches 1.1.1 Fluid Statics 1.1.2 Fluid Dynamics 1.2 Non-Newtonian and Newtonian Fluids 1.3 Fluids in technology 1.4 Fluid mechanics serving role in society 2. Capillary Effect 3. Self Perpetual motion 1. Fluid mechanics Fluid mechanics is related to the fluids that are in motion and forces acting on them. Fluid mechanics has two branches fluid statics and fluid dynamics. In Fluid Mechanics we actually observe fluid motion and…

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  • Slip Phenomenon In Couette Flow

    As the total molecular quantity of each layer remains unchanged, σ is determined by Eq. (3) , (3) where σ0 and ρ0 represent the distance parameter of the potential function and the fluid density under the condition of ambient pressure, respectively, and ρ(p) represents the density under the conditions of working pressure. For forces Fsw,j and Fsl,k acting on a single molecule, these two forces are exerted on a single molecule from an infinite wall surface and the kth…

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  • Central Dogma Of Molecular Biology

    Possible Modifications of Central Dogma of molecular Biology Introduction The central dogma of molecular biology is describes the transfer of genetic information within a biological system and was first stated by Francis Crick in 1956. The central dogma is the flow of genetic information as ‘’DNA makes the RNA and RNA makes the protein.’’All biological cells with few exceptions in some follow this rule. This flow takes place through three fundamental processes: replication, transcription and…

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  • Enzymes And Endothermic Reaction

    According to excluded volume theory, crowding provides a non-specific force that promotes processes resulting in a reduction of total excluded volume. This occurs by the formation of macromolecular complexes and the adoption of compact macromolecular conformations. Molecular crowding plays a significant role in protein folding and aggregation in vivo which suggested its importance in conformational or aggregation states. This crowding does not occur in dilute solution and hence does not show any…

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  • Pyramidal CA1 Neurons

    neurons and within this diversity, the unique role some neurons play in behavior over other others. The power of the study above and in this proposal lies in the use of a small model organism (Drosophila melanogaster) with a well-defined behavioral assay (aversive olfactory long-term memory (LTM)) and identified neural circuitry underlying this behavior (olfactory pathway-see Fig. 1A). Using the fruit fly circumvents the complexity comprising the mammalian brain and the distributed nature of…

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  • Relationship Between Fluid And Newtonian Fluid

    electrically conducting, viscous incompressible fluid is ρC_P [∂T/∂t+(q ̅.∇)T]=K∇^2 T+μ(1+1/γ) (1.3) where =2[(∂u/∂x)^2+(∂v/∂y)^2+(∂w/∂z)^2 ]+(∂v/∂x+∂u/∂y)^2+(∂w/∂y+∂v/∂z)^2+(∂u/∂z+∂w/∂x)^2 is the dissipation function which represents the time rate at which energy is being dissipated per unit volume through the action of viscosity. Here, u,v and w are the velocity components of the fluid along thex,y and z directions respectively.C_P is the specific heat at constant pressure, T is the…

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  • Evaporation Essay

    Evaporation Model, Kohler modification and Surface Phenomena The process of microdroplet evaporation is associated with the mass and heat transport through the microdroplet surface [1,2] . [2]: [ 1] Where a is the droplet radius, Pa and Pcc are the saturated vapor pressures near the droplet surface and far from the droplet respectively. Ta and Tcc are the temperatures at the microdroplet surface and the reservoir. D is the diffusion constant of vapor in the ambient gas. M and are the…

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