Geneoombio Technologies Case Study

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geneOmbio Technologies Pvt. Ltd – Foreword geneOmbio Technologies is a revolutionary Molecular diagnostics and research service provider Company founded in year 2005 by Mr. Sachin Purohit, spearheads a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of Scientists who develop assays from inventions that are in-house, from academic institutes or industries, leading to the successful operations of all service domains owned by geneOmbio Technologies.
Advances in molecular biology techniques have contributed to better healthcare and life science research. Since the discovery of double helical structure of DNA till recently discovered human microbiome, many scientific approaches toward decoding of genetic information have been implemented. Concept of mutations
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We associate with the biotechnology industry, academia, research institutes and individual researchers in India and abroad for molecular biology research services. geneOmbio Technologies caters to the needs of researchers by its comprehensive service portfolio ranging from Molecular biology assay development, molecular diagnostics, contract research services and custom solutions. The strength of geneOmbio Technologies Private Limited is in its vast pool of talented and experienced team of scientists, collection centers network across India and management professionals, fueled by vision of innovative research and development capabilities. Customization of services as per the need of client is essential part of the success in this domain of business. Numerous molecular biology services are available, extended to cater wide range of clientele consisting of biopharma industry, agriculture industry, bio fertilizer and seed companies, fermentation industries, pharma companies, research institutes and healthcare …show more content…
Many international players are investing in Indian companies to promote such business and generate revenue. Most of the Indian set up of companies started in early 2000 have completed more than 10 years in this domain and have stronghold in diagnostic market. Due to advantages of molecular techniques such as accuracy and higher sensitivity most of the modern day practitioners are using molecular diagnostic services for treatment decision making and therapy monitoring. The biggest growing market in recent years has seen Cancer Genetics as one of the most in demand service

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