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  • The Concepts Of Computational Thinking In Computer Science

    Computational Thinking Skills: Computational thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamentals to computer science. Computational thinking must be a fundament part of the way people think and understand the world. Computational thinking is also creating and making use of different levels of abstraction as well as being able to understand problems and solve them more effectively. Decomposition: Decomposition is one of the cornerstones when it comes to computer science. Decomposition is breaking down a problem or system into smaller, more manageable parts that can be solved or fixed separately. An example of this would be a software company having a team that work…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Parallel Computing

    1024 Chickens Europe has turned to Skynet for farming advice. European Union agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan announced last Friday a multi-billion dollar plan to integrate digital sensors in every aspect of crop production to “produce more with less.” For instance, data from satellites could determine how best to apply fertilizers and pesticides, thus improving efficiency and crop yields. This undertaking would have been unthinkable a decade ago. But a new advance - parallel…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Computer Science

    harder and try to explore a little beyond others. Science, in general, was always my primary interest. In the vast world of science, it is easy to build an interest in any of its branches. At that age, around 9-10, instead of being super interested in cartoons and animations, I was interested in science fiction movies, especially Hacker related. The amusement originated from their control over the computer, it seemed like a muscle, however, later on, I came to an understanding that most of their…

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  • Math Personal Statement

    graph theory before I could use a computer. Now as a senior in the school of mathematics at XX University, one of the top three mathematical schools in China. I chose math as my major to build a good mathematical foundation to thoroughly learn about computer science. With strong interests and full preparation, I’m applying to XX School for admission into the XX program in Computer Science. I like to use computers to create interesting work. Like building sand castles on the beach, I decided on…

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  • Personal Statement Of Purpose/UCSD/Computer Vision

    Statement of Purpose / UCSD / Computer Vision / Ph. D. Sung-Pil Paek [Introduction] This statement applies for admission to the Ph.D. program in Department of Computer Science and Engineering of UCSD, specifically, to continue my study in computer vision as a subfield. I indeed am interested in recognizing, identifying, and detecting the real world through computers in particular with visual information. Based on an understanding of our surroundings of life, I always enjoy replacing the…

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  • Why I Chose Computer Science Essay

    My chosen major is Computer Science with a business concentration. I have always had an affinity for computers. It seems like on some level they speak to me and I wanted to learn how to speak back in their language. I also am a pretty big gamer and learning how to write and design games is something I have wanted to learn since I was about thirteen years old. Another reason I want to major in computer science is the ongoing proliferation of Internet connected devices and devices with single chip…

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  • Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas (ADA) And

    According to Solso (2008), artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that uses programs to enhance cognitive functions. Pattern-recognition uses previous experience to identify a pattern accurately. Pattern-recognition through artificial intelligence is an area being explored at an extraordinary rate. Through the use of experiments using mouse brains and three data sets that consider neural networking for pattern recognition is not so far away. In the study presented by Zeng…

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  • Essay For Radiotherapy

    Hence, I applied for the PhD program at the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Akron due to a number of renowned faculty members’ research works are concentrated in these areas of your university. I firmly believe that University of Akron is the best place where I can grab the opportunity of the finest schooling for my research work, in the midst of the distinguished professors and sophisticated labs and research opportunities. University of Akron is leading the North-East…

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  • Computational Fluid Mechanics & Theory Of Hydrofoils

    My first interaction with fluid mechanics came when I was in 1st year. My curiosity about fluid mechanics rose up while performing experiments in the lab with my own hands. In addition, course on hydrodynamics and hydrodynamics lab allowed me to visualize different flow patterns and flow properties and showed me how the flow pattern can be expressed in mathematical equations. I found the opportunity to take the course of Computational Fluid Mechanics & Theory of Hydrofoils because of my good…

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  • Legal Constraints In Forensic Science

    Forensic science [2-4] is an area that deals with the application of scientific knowledge to legal situations. As such, it provides a great deal of truth to many legal proceeding. The forensic sciences – forensic chemistry [5-8], forensic biology [9,10], forensic anthropology [11], forensic medicine [12], forensic materials science [13,14], forensic engineering [15], computational forensics [16], among others – are broadly used to resolve civil disputes, to justify and enforce criminal laws and…

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