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  • Ergonomic Workstation

    Our Research proposal objectives are to determine if ergonomic workstations in the clinical laboratory will reduce the risk of occupational injuries. Our literature review will analyze published data regarding ergonomic implementation in the workplace. We will then formulate an argument to explain the purpose of our study. Conclusively, a research design will express our recommendations for how to develop and implement successful ergonomic workstations for clinical laboratory technologists. Literature Review As a result of modern day technology, extended computer use has become more common in the work environment. Research shows a correlation between an increase in neck and upper back musculoskeletal pain and intensive computer use among workers. The increase in work-related upper quadrant musculoskeletal pain (WRUQMP) is both an individual and economic concern; because of significant economic costs due to employees being absent, decreased productivity and health care expenses. Multiple studies have been conducted in order to reduce WRUQMP among workers by implementing ergonomic interventions in workstations.…

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  • Workplace Ethical Issues

    There is a developing nationwide concern about privacy issues in the workplace today, at the same time the use of electronic monitoring devices is on the rise in America’s workplace. The benefit of advanced technology brings ethical issues not only for employers, but also for the employees. Companies have to develop a delicate balance between policies that are too intrusive and properly monitor employees in order to prevent criminal or socially intolerable activities, which are detrimental to…

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  • Warm Up In Sports

    Studies have shown that this is the most worked muscle in the quadriceps muscle group during a football game (See diagram 1). Another mark will be made on the participant’s bicep femoris (See diagram 2). Two marks will be placed on the ground a metre apart. One mark will be for the participant to stand on and the other for the researcher to stand on to ensure the iPad measuring is under similar variables every time, which will help to improve accuracy. The second way to measure temperature will…

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  • Examples Of Blue Collar Crimes

    When conducting company business, for example, emails, voicemails, telephone extensions, and internet usage employee’s computers are only to be used for company business. Any employees that are authorized to use company internet many use it to access additional software. If software is needed or websites, not already on the company network, talk to your manager and or the IT department to get request authorized (Heathfield, 2016). Company owned equipment devices or computers including but not…

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  • Deontological Ethical Theory: Invasion Of Privacy

    Table of Contents Introduction 2 Case Study 2 Deontological Ethical Theory 2 Categorical Imperative 3 RIMS Strategy 3 STEP 1: Generate Moral points of view 3 Pro-monitoring: 3 Anti-monitoring: 4 STEP 2: Identify the implications 4 Positive Concerns: 4 Negative Concerns: 4 STEP 3: Final solutions 4 Abuse of computer storage 4 Invasion of privacy: 5 Ruins Trust 5 Conclusion 5 References 6 Books: 6 Internet Journals/Articles: 6 Introduction Privacy is defined as ‘the state of being free from…

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  • Item Name Why Daniel Needs This Item In His Computer Specification

    manages files by allowing you to save files and to allow you to make the files. It also allows you to sort them into folders. It protects the device that is attached to the computer such as mice, keyboards, printers, scanners and fax machines. It connects to the network so that you can go on to the internet. It shares resources, so that you can share resources…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

    - Telecommuting. Through this technology, workers in service-based firms are no longer tied to a physical location, as they can work from their homes. Services that fall in this category include accounting, legal advice, education, insurance, investments, data analysis, computer programming, and consulting. Any service provider with the appropriate telecommunications systems can be located anywhere and still performs her job. Working at home has two main advantages (1) decreased costs through…

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  • Technology: Touch Screen Technology

    Introduction: What is Touch Screen Technology? Touch screen provides a direct, interactive gesture based communication technology. A Touch screen is an electronic based optic display, able to detect and locate the touch around the display area. The touch screen technology allows a direct interaction with the display screen by a simple touch instead of the ordinary mouse, joystick or touchpads. The touch screen enables direct manipulation. Direct manipulation means, a user can directly or…

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  • Jeffrey Brian Ziegler Case Study

    Brian Ziegler the question remains to whether he should have had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the contents of his work computer? I think that as this case presents information which stated, “when the employee were hired, they were told that their computer use was subject to monitoring and that computers should not be used for personal business” this information should have been sufficient enough for Mr. Ziegler to only use his work computer for intended work purposes (Walsh, 2013, p.…

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  • Human Machine Interaction Case Study

    2.2. The goal of Human-Machine Interaction The Human-Computer Interaction is the study of the ways that a human user will make use of computational artefacts to interact with the system and infrastructures. In doing this, much of the research results will seek to improve the interaction between the human and the computer system by improving the usability of the interface. The usability would have to be understood in the context of how it will relate to the other social and cultural values and…

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