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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aerodynamic

    While designing any aerodynamic body an unspoken assumption of bilateral or mirror symmetry is taken into consideration. Argument against this bilateral symmetry states that “once the velocity of sound is exceeded, the laws of aerodynamics change in such a way as to make it seem inadvisable to arrange the components of an airplane side by side or abreast in a supersonic stream unless there are compelling reasons for such an arrangement.“ 2.1.1 Wave Drag This type of drag is formed as a result of shock waves formed around an aircraft. Wave drag is the main reason behind the designing of oblique wings. This design has been found to reduce wave drag for a supersonic aircraft and can be believed as an aerodynamic evolution to swept wings on symmetric aircraft configurations. This wing is not symmetric at supersonic speeds, but rotates about a central pivot, which allows the maximum cross sectional area perpendicular to the flow to be half that of a similar symmetric design. The…

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  • Aerofoil Essay

    and Yousefi and Saleh investigated the effects of suction and blowing jet width on the aerodynamic characteristics of a NACA 0012 airfoil. They found that the jet width of about 3.5% ~ 4% of the chord length is optimum for tangential blowing, while for perpendicular blowing smaller jet widths are more efficient. 2.2 Control of flow around a NACA 0012 airfoil with a micro-riblet film by S.-J. Lee , Y.-G. Jang In the present study they studied about the flow structure of the wake behind a…

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  • Pressure Distribution In An Airfoil

    1- Summary This study is based on the analysis of pressure distribution around a NACA 23015 airfoil section with a flap of length equal to the 30% of the cord at different angles of incidence and flap settings. The experiment was performed in a non –return wind tunnel at a Reynolds number of 4.4×〖10〗^5 and at a Mach number of 0.073. It is of note that increasing incidence will increase lift produced until the critical angle of attack, where the airfoil stalls; moreover, deploying a flap will…

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  • The X-15: The Benefits Of Flight

    The X-15 was the brainchild of NASA (recently NACA), US Air Force, US Navy, and North American Aviation Inc. For nearly a decade (June 8, 1959 - October 24, 1968) the X-15 flew 199 times supplying countless reports of data for aerodynamics, high altitude (exit and reentry of atmosphere), hypersonic speeds, and physiological effects on pilot. During this time the X-15 set the altitude record of 354,200 feet and top speed record of Mach 6.7 (4,520 miles per hour). Because of the massive speeds…

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  • Amazonian Princess Research Paper

    Communication and Collaboration Information, Media and Technology Literacy Thinking Flexibly Thinking Interdependently Drag: air resistance that slows and object down. Drag is an opposing force of motion. Gravity: a force that pulls objects together, and the reason things on Earth fall down instead of up. Weight: (the gravitational force) the force of gravity pulling an object down. Lift: the force that pushes object upwards. Aerodynamics: the way air moves around things. Aerodynamic design…

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  • Bottle Rocket Temperature Lab Report

    side of it making sure the metals did not touch and had a wire running off the metal so the spark would jump between the pieces of metal. This mechanism was put into the PVC pipe and the end of the pipe was sealed with hot glue making sure the glue did not get onto the metal were the spark ran across. Modified procedure: Several issues arose in the preliminary investigation the most notable of which is the melting of the rocket itself. since a way to stop the plastic from melting is not known…

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  • What Are The Four Forces Of Train Power

    diesel engines can get to the mark of 125 mph. And now we have entered the era of very fast bullet trains that can go up to 200 mph. As the speed of train increases, new issues arises. One of the biggest problems is air resistance (popularly known as Drag Force). At low speeds, we can neglect air friction but at high speed, this factor can’t be overlooked. This air resistance can be the cause of wastage of power. It can overcome by making the shape of locomotives aerodynamically sleek from the…

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  • Falling Velocity And The Dispersal Ability Of A Beetle Seed

    Organisms compete for essential resources. Mobile organisms can just travel to another niche, however, plants are immobile and compete for resources more aggressively. Plants have adapted different morphological features such as lighter seeds, greater seed surface area etc to avoid competition. The greater the distribution the less likely they will encounter other plants and more resources will be available for their growth. Plants have evolved different strategies to facilitate dispersion to…

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  • Forged Rib Essay

    It gives it the aerodynamic shape, it carries a share of the loads, it helps to carry torsional loads, it acts as fuel tanks and allows inspection and maintenance. Using the skin to carry part of the loads is called stressed skin. Almost all aircraft have their wing structure made entirely in metal, or a mixture of metal and composite. The skin may be fixed to the internal structure by rivets or bonding. The volume between the spars is often used for storing fuel. An alternative to attaching…

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  • Good Paper Airplane

    Most of the time, paper airplanes don’t exactly match other planes. They can either fly upwards, downwards, left, right, or sometimes even straight. No matter what type paper is used, it can never match a professional’s paper airplane. All of this is due to the design of the plane. For example, if the plane is perfectly built but has a round nose rather than a sharp nose, it won’t be able to fly far. The three factors that can make a good paper airplane are aerodynamics, gravity, and balance.…

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