Affiliate marketing

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  • Case Study Of Affiliate Marketing

    understand affiliate marketing as well as the activities of content providers. Among the different scholars on affiliate marketing Hoffman and Novak (2000), Fiore (2000), Gallaugher et al (2001), Chaffey (2003), Libai et al. (2003), Duffy (2005), Donna McCarthy (2009) are famous who have the theoretical contributions on such type of marketing. Hoffman and Novak (2000) claim that by employing affiliate marketing, merchants can let thousands of independent websites, called also content providers, to display ads for its products 104 Hossan & Ahammad and only pay them when the ad would actually lead to a sale. In affiliate marketing advertising costs move from fixed to variable costs, which can facilitate allocating money to advertising. Fiore (2000, p. 300) remarks that specific employment of affiliate marketing are storefronts where content providers can sell other company’s products…

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  • Affiliate Marketing Case Study

    What is the Affiliate Marketing Program of ePurple Media? ePurple Media 's Affiliate Marketing Program is a platform where both, affiliates and merchant join-in to establish link with each other. How such a system functions is that merchants who are looking for advertisers to market their site, find affiliates who lend their web space. In turn, merchant pays a decide commission to the affiliate.advertiser has a product or service it wants to advertise and sell via the Internet. Offline Cash…

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  • Case Study: Brandrr Launches Logo Creation Service With Illustrative Pomp

    Brandrr offers affiliates the following sales tools to jumpstart their businesses: • Smart Video Sales Letters Videos help marketers earn big profits online by getting attention, persuading people and branding their businesses indelibly in prospective customer’s minds. Learn how to video-market like a pro without using Jedi mind tricks. • Video Marketing Blueprint Learn how to market your business and generate sales leads with videos. You don 't need J.J. Abrams’ directing skills, big…

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  • Case Study Of Skullcandy's Marketing Strategies

    Skullcandy continues to focus on selling to the youth by innovative designs that attract their interest, gaming headgear for video consoles and the usual active lifestyles. One point is to increase sales of all products by increasing their presence to their website through affiliate programs. Moreover, to be acknowledged not just a manufacture of audio for entertainment, but for the correlation of brain function through music therapies. With these goals being achieved, this will surely give…

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  • Business Analysis Of Ebay

    chain to a consumer? What about their affiliates? eBay offers their customers a platform to sell and buy goods. They are a, “. . . leading global provider of commerce technologies, order management, fulfilment, customer care, and marketing solutions. . .” (Supply Chain Digital, 2015). eBay is a retail service provider that helps facilitate the process between the sellers and buyers of a marketed good or services. They provide the technology that enables the eBay community to do business, the…

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  • Pure Team Global Case Study

    compensation plan is split into different levels so that different levels have different commissions. Affiliates that work with pure team global will earn retail commission when they sell products, they can also earn residual commissions via a binary and a unilevel. In addition, many bonuses are added to encourage their affiliates. #1 Retail Commission All products of pure team global will earn affiliates a retail commission when they are sold to non-affiliate i.e., customers. The retail…

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  • The Fashion Channel Case Analysis

    Introduction The Fashion Channel (“TFC”) was founded in 1996. It was the only channel dedicated solely to fashion and was broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TFC was enjoying its success since the beginning. As other companies saw TFC’s success, they were copying the concept and stealing viewers from TFC. By June of 2006, Jared Thomas, TFC’s CEO, determined that TFC had to develop new marketing and brand-building programs to further its growth (Stahl, 2007, p. 2). Key Strategic…

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  • Simla Relation Case Study

    techniques. They realized that the elections would be essential for the future of Local Indian native, as the results were to play an aspect in identifying their status. The Team needed to clean the Islamic constituencies so as to validate that they were the only affiliates of the Muslims of Sub-continent, while The legislature needed to validate that, regardless of religion, they signify all the…

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  • Case Study Of Gear VR

    In 2013, a New Zealand news outlet reported a number of Samsung washing machines spontaneously catching on fire. The corporation is expected to spend $14 billion on advertising and marketing in 2013, with publicity appearing in TV and cinema ads, on billboards and at sports and arts events. In November 2013, the corporation was valued at $227 billion. In May 2014, Samsung announced it will be shutting down its streaming service on 1 July 2014, also meaning the end of the Samsung Music Hub app…

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  • The Revenue Model Of Adidas

    Revenue model used by Adidas There are few types of revenue model that can be used to gain a company’s revenue. Adidas Malaysia had applied 3 types of revenue model in order to increase their sales and revenue. These revenue model are Sales, Advertising and Affiliate. Adidas had put a lot of effort in order to increase their revenue though eCommerce. So, they have their own strategy to make it success in eCommerce. Their strategy is “The success of our eCommerce strategy rests on our ability…

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