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  • African Art Research Paper

    African art and architecture refers to the area around the sub-Saharan Africa. It’s geographically located in Africa continent and south of the Sahara Desert. Since the African Generations exists even before the United States and the nations of Europe became great powers, Africa had witnessed the rise and fall of many kingdoms. The people from this continent has a very long historical culture. Their art work represents the ancient African histories, philosophies, religions, as well as the perceptions of their societies. They successfully portray their lifestyle through the art work which mostly are made of wood or rocks. They draw the men and women hunting, fishing, dancing, collecting foods, etc. on rocks which helps the sociologist now-a-days…

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  • Medieval African Art Research Paper

    Medieval African Art Rock paintings from medieval Africa are one of the oldest types of art in the world. Art in medieval Africa came in many forms such as paintings, masks, statues and textiles. Africans made many traditions with their art and influenced many cultures, including their own. These different types of art were used in many religious practices and many are still used today. Cave paintings are Africa’s earliest form of art, thought to be over 27,000 years old. They show many aspects…

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  • African Art Features

    Art of the African people have been attracted by connoisseurs from all over the world because of their originality and dissimilarity to the usual Western art. Africa art has an undoubted advantage because of their unusual understanding of the reality of the image. Art of Africa covers several historical periods and provides a single historical type, characterized by integrity stylistic features that have little changes in centuries. African Art includes creation by many different cultures that…

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  • Art In African Museum

    African Art in Museums Africa is known for its larger cultural diversity and has many different types of beauty and art (one in the same). From the aesthetics view, African ideals of visual art are very different from the ideals in Europe and America. Most African artists have designed both ritual and everyday objects to be pleasing to the eye, colorful, and using many different designs. An example of art like this is the Male Chi Wara antelope headdress. If you were viewing this piece from a…

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  • African Art Museum Experience

    Going to two of the most popular museums in New York City to learn about African art and history did not seem of interest to me until I was forced to by the Summer Class I was taking at Pace. In my mind I kept thinking it was going to be a waste of my time when I could be enjoying my summer weekend in the city. However, I was mistaken and my breath was taken away from our history of humans to the African tradition and how it impacts us. This project showed me the connection of art and history in…

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  • African Art Museum Essay

    facing towards the audience while standing on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean during the time of a sunset. As I continue to look my eyes caught a quote on a mustard color wall. A particular section of the quote sparked my curiosity. It stated, “As a cradle of humanity, Africa is a part of everyone’s heritage.” What strikes me as odd, is the fact that this statement claims that “Africa is a part of everyone’s heritage”, however, the National Museum of African Art is one of the smallest…

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  • African Art Festival Research Paper

    Experiencing African Arts Festival African Art Festival is a St. Louis tradition in the city. It’s sponsored by Washington University, Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Art Museum, Office of Minority Health, and Recycling on the Go organization. The festival was located in Forest Park in St. Louis. Over half of the park was filled with African artists, vendors, and african musicians and dancers. The festival was a three day long event. May 28th - until May 30th. Each day the event started at 10 and…

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  • African American Art Research Paper

    Many African Americans pursued opportunities to create paintings, sculpture, and other forms of artistic self-expression. Many, of course, had to create their opportunities to create. In my paper I will compare and contrast a few artist lives and works of art. The four African Americans artist I will talk about are Robert S. Duncanson, Edward M. Bannister, Mary Edmonia Lewis, and Henry Ossawa Tanner —All four free-born. The differences between art that referred to people’s personal conditions…

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  • The Black Arts Movement In African American Literature

    The Black Arts Movement (1965-1975) is considered to be one of the most essential moments in African American literature. It encouraged and motivated African Americans to form their very own publishing companies and magazines as well as numerous institutions of the arts. The movement was also believed to have inspired the formation of African American Studies classes at universities and colleges throughout the United States (Rojas 2147). The Black Arts Movement was also thought to have been…

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  • Chi Wara Through African Art Analysis

    Before taking Art 2L my thoughts towards the African art style to be savage and Egyptian art, how truly wrong I was learning about the incredible work of Olowe of Ise was one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century from the Yoruba tribe and his style was a very unique style carving wood into doors. The European scholar was amazing how man without prior teaching can have this ability. I was just like those Europeans how can Africans have this ability to created integrity art work…

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