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  • African Art

    African Art has historically been focus on the power and beauty of the body. The pieces of art that remain today lack much of the purpose as they meant to be used not displayed in glass cases. This is true for items such as the Buli Master’s stools and the headdresses of the Bamana and Mende peoples. These items, though aesthetically pleasing were meant to be used in either a leader’s home while entertaining guests or for ceremonies of seasonal change or children becoming adults. The headdresses in particular are not stand alone objects, but part of an assumable in a dance. The Prestige Stool, Helmet Mask for Sande Society (Ndoli Jowei), and Ci Wara Headdress all show bodily features that their respective communities found valuable. The Prestige Stool was made by an artist known as the Buli Master or possibly by Ngongo ya Chintu of the Luba or Hemba peoples. These stools would have been made for the Oba or king of a group of people. The stool would be used primarily for formal meetings or gatherings. They were labor intensive to make and expensive which showed visitors that the leader had the wealth to afford such objects. This stool is of woman standing and holding up the sit above her. Her expression is almost mournful and her hands are large out spread, the seat resting on her fingertips and ornate hair. The Buli Master stools are considered to be a bit outside of the typical style of the prestige stools. Ordinarily, the figures are even more stylized and show less…

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  • The Hijab In Bangladesh

    The assignment for the ANT 415: Understanding Secularism course is on the hijab in Bangladesh. And I would like to look into the performativity aspect of the hijab and the extent to which it affects the lives of the women who wear them. The hijab, or the headscarf, is a visible marker that helps construct and embody a woman’s Muslim identity and all around the world, this identity has an image associated with it. This image as it is seen here, will be explored as I spend a week in Dhaka wearing…

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  • Hijabs: Don T Kick Up A Fuss Rhetorical Analysis

    Introduction: This paper will cover the subject of the wearing of cultural and religious apparel in Canadian sports, based on Sheema Khan’s essay “Hijabs: Don’t Kick Up a Fuss “ A. Thesis: Writer’s position is one that is in favor of permitting Hijabs to be worn by participants that are engaged in organized sports. B. Roles/Arguments: Khan with the use of literary humor and satire makes for a persuasive argument in her paper for the wearing of the Hijab. The writer quickly dispatches the…

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  • Fascinating Informative Speech

    You're an original and try to stand out in every way. Not all brides want to wear a long, beaded gown in white for their wedding day. Some brides want to stand out with short stylish dresses or a delightful bridal fascinator with birdcage veil. With or without a veil, fascinators and attached flowers bring you back to an old Hollywood style that has romance and a bit of mystery to it. This is the last in our series about bridal hair accessories. We've covered everything from pins to headbands to…

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  • Protective Headgear In Soccer

    especially soccer. In fact, women’s soccer has the 4th highest concussion rate of any sport, following closely behind football. Despite the evidence, researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison are struggling to find willing participants for a new study involving protective headgear in soccer. There are a variety of theories as to why soccer seems to be more resistant to helmets than football. Tim McGuine and Allison Brooks are passionate about preventing athletic injuries, more…

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  • The Banning Amateur Boxing

    and deadly, some scientists and professionals believe that headgear in the sport needs to be upgraded, and other scientists and professionals believe that removing headgear altogether would be make…

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  • Head Size Of Soccer Players Essay

    They should wear headgear because if the ball hits their head it doesn’t damage their brain. They should wear stronger headgears in order for them to play the game safely. While they are wearing the headgear they should understand that they can’t cause a concussion. Before their game starts they should allow the players to wear headgears in order to play the game safely. If one of the players lose their headgear they can have an extra one. My third reason is soccer players should not head butt…

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  • The Girl With A Pearl Earring Essay

    main character was a peasant so clearly the garment was very simple with no embellishment. What I decided to focus on was the main character’s headgear. Especially since the main purpose of the movie was about the famous Vermeer portrait that bears the movie title’s name. With this information, I will make comparisons to the headgear worn by the main character…

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  • Essay On Orthodontists

    Headgear If you already have a fixed appliance such as braces, other orthodontic devices such as headgear, may be attached to it to pull on your teeth, as well as the supporting jaw. In certain cases, the attachment may be used on removable appliances such as plates. Normally, such an additional attachment is used in severe malocclusions. Different varieties of headgear will produce different direction of pull on your jaw. One common type goes around the back of your neck, which produces a…

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  • Non-Programmed Decisions

    This story is really about making decisions, and a decision is a choice made from available alternatives. Stanley’s decision was based on wearing the warmest clothes he had, which was an old army overcoat and headgear. His selection presented a non-programmed decision, which is a decision made in response to a situation that is unique, is poorly defined, and largely unstructured, and has important consequences. Stanley’s decision displayed non programmed characteristics, because it was made in…

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