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  • Trail Of Tears Association Analysis

    Cherokee that died during the Trail of Tears were buried in shallow graves along the path. There have been little to no mention of people marking the graves nor are there really any records of burial locations (Di Naso, 2010). The best account of a burial record and location lies with Quatie Ross. Her burial was well known since she was the wife of the chief. She died February 1, 1839 near Little Rock, Arkansas. Her burial was rediscovered when, “…the broken sandstone grave marker was found under a building in the Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock where graves from an earlier nineteenth-century cemetery had been moved. For preservation, this stone has been given to the Historic Arkansas Museum,” (King, 2005). It is unclear if the original headstone was prepared when she was buried, or if family members returned after their journey to mark her…

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  • Cultural Genocide Essay

    “Cultural genocide”, that is exactly what happened when the white man colonized the Indian. To the outsider, Canada appears to be a ‘perfect’ country. From our free healthcare to our need to profusely apologize for bumping into inanimate objects, we are a nation envied by many. Our greatest strength lies in our diversity and multiculturalism. In our current Prime Minister’s words “diversity is at the very heart of Canada. It is who we are and what we do.” However, there is a part of our history…

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  • Mound 5 In The Burial Site

    In the burial site at Marosszentanna, the bodies were laid out in perpendicular directions, approximately along a north-south axis, except for twelve graves that were aligned east-west. These graves contained no grave goods nor eating or drinking vessels. The hands of at least two of the corpses were also clasped in a Christian manner and have been dated as the most recent graves (Köpeczi et al.). This indicates the transition from non-Christian to Christian and the acceptance of such a…

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  • Funeral Service Personal Statement

    to honor the deceased and celebrate their life with a reflection of what they enjoyed and what was important to them. Memorials are a way for everyone, not just famous public figures, to be remembered throughout the years. One way to ensure that this happens, is the purchase of a permanent memorial; headstones. It is becoming more common in today’s society for families to buy out spaces ahead of time so their loved ones can be laid to rest next to them and continue to be next to one another…

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  • The Rural Cemetery Movement

    The Rural Cemetery Movement With rapidly growing urban populations in the mid-1800’s, it was important to develop healthy, green, spaces for city dwellers. The Rural Cemetery Movement encouraged American cities to use cemetery space as multi-functional space for leisure, recreation, environmental preservation, and for healthy burial practices (Lundgren). "In a country sorely lacking in public green spaces, these cemeteries provided these graceful, elegant places…They were all around…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Mt Cemetery

    I was awestruck when I first passed through the gates. It may have been a mix of the emotions and sadness from the reason I first visited, but I was genuinely amazed. Allegheny Cemetery had me gasping at the intricate, unique beauty of each stone and massive size of the land. I don’t mean to be morbid, but Allegheny Cemetery is my place of choice for this essay. The cemetery was incorporated in 1844 and is the sixth oldest rural cemetery in America. It encompasses 300 acres of luscious Allegheny…

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  • Burial 10 Observation

    This, obviously, spells “KING”. These glyphs can be rightly inferenced that Burial 10 is in fact an adult male with high status. Because of Burial 10, all burials containing coffins that are wide and/or containing a skeleton pointing southward with its head facing eastward can be concluded as a male. Also, it seems as if the amount of objects are a strong indicator of social status. Since the king is buried with many artifacts, all high-status burials are enveloped in plethora of specific…

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  • Rhetorical Pathos In Abraham Lincoln's The Gettysburg Address

    About one hundred and fifty-five years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave “The Gettysburg Address” on a blood soaked battlefield in Pennsylvania (Brown). “The Gettysburg Address” was first verbalized months after the battle of Gettysburg at a service to dedicate the opening of the national cemetery (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica). Lincoln’s Address was spoken to the citizens and soldiers of the union in the wake of the second invasion of the North by Robert E. Lee (The Battle of Gettysburg Facts…

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  • Marbled Headstone Analysis

    The photograph of Patrick Joseph Donahue’s marbled, gray headstone was captured at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in the outskirts of Elwood, Illinois. His specific headstone stands beside and in front of other war veterans in the national cemetery as together they exemplify the dedication, impact, and commitment that these men and women display for the United States of America. The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery stands as home to nearly half a million veterans who served in wars…

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  • Summary Of Pauli Murray's Proud Shoes

    Durham, a city born by the exploitation of slave labor on tobacco plantations and matured through the age of civil disobedience, sends its dead to the rural Maplewood cemetery. In her memoir, Proud Shoes, Pauli Murray described her discomforting childhood living near the cemetery and the permeating effects race had on her identity (Murray 7). While archaeologists such as Larry Zimmerman claim bones do not have "race" and question the inherent racism of academia (Zimmerman 61), Murray 's reality…

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