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  • Cherokee Beadwork Basketry In Cherokee Indian Art

    People have always wondered about my affection for beautiful necklaces, exquisite earrings, and one of a kind rings. This infatuation comes from a history of Cherokee beadwork jewelry, where ancestors crafted handmade beads into rare jewelry. Native Americans created the earliest form of jewelry known to North America, although much of their creations have gone unknown due being undocumented. Some forms of native art are more mainstream to current society, such as the silver jewelry with turquoise beadwork. However, all forms were traded with Europeans, allowing for the assimilation to all Native American forms of beadwork jewelry. Each Native American tribe created a different form of jewelry unique in medium, style, meaning, and method. Cherokee beadwork is normally placed on moccasins, leggings, clothing and bags; however, it was also common to find beadwork worn on garters, sashes, necklaces, bracelets, crown, and the cartilage in their noses (Duncan and Berry). Beads, adela, began as shells, teeth, bones, and claws of animals, while incorporating dried berries and gray corn (Cherokee Indian Art: Beadwork and Basketry). The use of the natural materials is…

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  • Cherokee Removal Essay

    Americans subjected the Cherokee to harsh treatment and force migration during the Jacksonian era known as the Trail of Tears. The controversy and debate surrounding Cherokee removal reached national level and is often cited for President Andrew Jackson’s hate for Native Americans. The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents edited by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green provides a collection of documents dealing the controversial issue of forced migration of the Native Americans…

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  • Cherokee Relationship

    adjustment in the relations between our two nations. The preservation of Cherokee sovereignty and the Cherokee people themselves is a goal of myself as a Cherokee, as well as all of the Cherokee and esteemed white members in attendance at this summit generously held at…

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  • The Cherokee Treaty

    Through selective assimilation the Cherokee adopted a written constitution in 1827, based off of former treaties with the United States and their constitution, that declared themselves to be a sovereign nation. Declaring their sovereignty made them legally capable of ceding their lands, and hoped to use their sovereignty to their advantage. The state of Georgia refused to acknowledge the Cherokee’s sovereign status and used ideas within the discovery doctrine to deem them as tenants of the land…

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  • Cherokee Tribe Essay

    Ethnography Report – Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma The tribe I’ll be discussing throughout my ethnography report are the Cherokee Indians. There are three sub-tribes to the Cherokee’s which are the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees. Although they all originate from the same tribe/settlement, I’m going to be discussing the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Today, this tribe of Cherokee’s live within 14 counties of Northeastern Oklahoma.…

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  • The Cherokee Removal: Justification

    Anti Removal Paper While most White Americans supported the Cherokee removal in 1830, many White Americans disagreed with the removal. Many people viewed the Removal as unconstitutional because it infringed on the Cherokees rights as a Sovereign nation. Both the British and American governments had established, in multiple treaties, that the Cherokee were a Sovereign nation. Meaning that land could only be taken by the United States if the Cherokee nation submitted themselves or their land on…

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  • Cherokee Museum Analysis

    It is a pleasure to greet you and introduce you to the idea of the construction of a Cherokee Museum, which will be carried out with the Federal Grant we have been provided. The purpose of said edification is to present Cherokee culture to the public, using novel technology to illustrate Cherokee history and traditions. As you may know, there are several misconceptions and myths surrounding this indigenous group; therefore, our goal should be to inform these present generations about the reality…

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  • Essay On The Cherokee Removal

    To take something and claim it as yours, when you never owned it in the first place...the United States government and public supporters sought to justify the removal of Cherokee Indians in the 1820 and 1830s, and tried to move them west of the Mississippi river. Big supporters like Lewis Cass and the state of Georgia played a big role in justifying the removal. Lewis Cass wrote essays to support, and Georgia told the Cherokees to either abide by Georgia law, or get out. United States and…

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  • Cherokee Indian Belief System

    Traditional Belief System- Lifestyle Cherokee Indians are a small portion of Native Americans, however their culture is slowly declining as time goes on. There are many Cherokee ancestry all around the world, including myself, but there are only around 288,500 federally recognized citizens that still belong to a Cherokee tribe. As this culture can seem difficult to understand from its complexity, it is actually quite simple. There are still many elements used today that are from the original…

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  • Cherokee Nationalism And Indian Nationalism

    Enduring a cultural, spiritual, and physical bludgeoning since its first contact with European society, the Cherokee Nation succumbed to the foreign power in the first half of the nineteenth century. However, as tensions rose between the two entities, nationalist attitudes emerged to justify the arguments on both sides of the struggle. The United States’ perpetual infringement of Indian sovereignty inspired both sentiments of opposition and reluctant submission within the indigenous nation.…

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