Cherokee Removal Essay

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Americans subjected the Cherokee to harsh treatment and force migration during the Jacksonian era known as the Trail of Tears. The controversy and debate surrounding Cherokee removal reached national level and is often cited for President Andrew Jackson’s hate for Native Americans. The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents edited by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green provides a collection of documents dealing the controversial issue of forced migration of the Native Americans specifically the Cherokees. The Cherokee Removal provides insights into both American policy and the role the Cherokees played leading up to forced emigration. Many Cherokees attempted Americanization to maintain autonomy of their nation, but their efforts failed as both state and national legislation permitted forced migration which further divided the Cherokee nation as some supported moving west while others did not. In early American history, Americans, especially early presidents, claimed to work with the Cherokee nation if they Americanized. For this reason, many Cherokee people did attempt civilization which included the alteration of Cherokee society. Historically, the Cherokee nation practiced a matriarchal society, but with the evolving Americanization …show more content…
Division amongst the Cherokee prevails in the various attitudes of how to deal with the demands of the Americans. Some Cherokees attempted Americanization while others denounced it. Furthermore, a divide between those who Americanized evolved after an elite group of Cherokees encouraged emigration and ceded Cherokee land to the Americans through the Treaty of Echota. Those who Americanized, including women, pleaded to remain in the southeast region of the United States, but ultimately forced migration resulted after many debated years and Americanization

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