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  • Main Street Oklahoma Chapter Nine Summary

    In chapter nine of Main Street Oklahoma: Stories of twentieth Century America, the chapter explains the many economic efforts that were put in to assisting the Five Tribes during the Great Depression. The Office of Indian Affairs implemented many programs designed to assist and provide jobs to Native American men and women, but the Office of Indian Affairs ended up not adequately addressing the needs of Native Americans under while under their control, but it also showed the poor and serious conditions that was prevalent among the Five Tribes in Oklahoma (pg. 175). There were many New Deal programs and agencies that were created in order to help out the Five Tribes. However, many of the programs and agencies did not prove to be too successful. New Deal agencies such as Public Works Administration (PWA), the Civil Works Administration (CWA), and the Indian Emergency Conservation Work (IECW) programs gave the best opportunities of employment for the Five Tribes, such as in 1934, the PWA gave one-hundred thousand dollars to the Five Tribes Agency for Indian road work. This project provided income for Native Americans in need, and roads and bridges were built and designed to benefit Indian communities (pg. 176).…

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  • Oklahoma City Bombing Essay

    Oklahoma City Bombing: April 19, 1995 The morning of April 19th, 1995 changed the United States forever. On that morning, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was attacked and destroyed by a homegrown terrorist. This event shook the US and forced the country to start thinking in terms of potential terror events, specifically ones carried out by US citizens. Two years earlier the World Trade Center was attacked by outsiders and caused America to begin to think about foreign…

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  • Oklahoma City Bombing Theory

    According to many crimes that have been committed the one that seemed more intriguing to discuss was definitely the Oklahoma City Bombing, which was carried out by three individuals, but Timothy McVeigh seemed to get the biggest notoriety for the crime and also labeling him as one of the most well known mass murders around the world. In this paper it is proven that an individual 's situations will cause them to act out in a time in their life which include criminal acts doing what even seemed…

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  • Oklahoma City Bombing By Timothy Mcveigh

    The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist attack that was carried out by Timothy McVeigh along with two co-conspirators. Timothy McVeigh was born on April 23, 1968, in Pendleton, New York. McVeigh lived with both his parents until their divorce in 1978, after their divorce he mainly lived with his father during his school years. McVeigh 's nickname was "Noodle", he was a scrawny, nonathletic loner which left him a target for neighborhood bullies (Linder 2006). He began to develop an interest in…

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  • Native American Fishing History

    fishing operation which allowed them to pick up tons of fish at one-time using a net. This soon depleted the amount of fish left for the Yakama tribe and they decided to seek legal action. “The exclusive right of taking fish in all the streams where running through or bordering said reservation, is further secured to said confederated tribes and bands of Indians, as also the right of taking fish at all usual and accustomed places, in common with citizens of the Territory.” This added to the…

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  • Response To Momaday Analysis

    Response to N. Scott Momaday and Toni Morrison The writer Navarre Scott Momaday, Kiowa Indian, grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1934. Momaday parents are Al Momaday and Natachee Scott. Navarre did not have any siblings He was an only child and grew up on the reservation where his writings began to shape and form. Momaday became interested in writing poetry and literature at an early age because his parent’s background was in artist and the teaching profession. They worked for a small school on…

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  • Native American Treaty Making

    Jackson insisted on assimilation, but as his presidency progressed he found removal of Indians to the west of the Mississippi River more favorable because Indian laws could then be sovereign without any state interference, which provided the basis for his Indian Removal Act (Robertson 69). Intense disagreements between the Five Civilized Tribes (especially the Cherokee), Senate and House of Representatives ensued, and on May 28,1830 Jackson authorized the Indian Removal Act. The Act authorized…

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  • Healthy Sooner Website Analysis

    The healthy options at many universities are not always the best selection. To be more specific, here at the University of Oklahoma, the choices are very limited. Oklahoma is ranked number 6 in the Adult Obesity Rate, and it all starts with eating habits learned in early years all the way to up college years (“Adult Obesity in the United States” 1). The university has made it more convenient for students on a meal plan to eat fast food, instead of a healthier option or that the healthy option is…

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  • The Choctaw Culture

    Choctaw Culture Assignment Kylee Carpenter, Danyelle Gray, Amy Russell and Christopher Willis Carl Albert State College December 3, 2015 Before the arrival of European ships, settlers and soldiers in the sixteenth century, the Choctaws flourished in southeastern North America, mainly in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. They were an ancient people who farmed, crafted, traded with neighbors near and far and built great ceremonial centers. The forces that brought together Native…

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  • Homosexuality In Oklahoma

    union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities”. (“Marriage”) In Oklahoma, we think of it as some form for only a male and female to become unified. We Oklahomans are the 9th in the Top Conservative States in the United States. Being so conservative and being in the heart of the Bible Belt we fail to respect most of the Homosexual Unions…

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