Old English Bulldog

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  • Argumentative Essay: Don T Bully My Breed

    I fancy myself an expert on the Bulldog family, I have personally owned 10 different types of bulldogs from boxer-pit mixes, full blooded Pit Bulls, and currently own an American Bulldog. Also I have studied the Argentine Bulldog, the Pit Bull terrier, and the now extinct Old English Bulldog extensively. The Old English Bulldog is the original prototype bulldog and not the ill-genetically concocted Modern English Bulldog, a cross of the original and a pug, rendering it a obese, wrinkly faced, and a genetic certainty that it will have breathing problems. The Pit Bull Terrier, originally called the Staffordshire Terrier, is a cross of the Staffordshire Terrier and the Old English Bulldog. The breed began to emerge as the prototype started to lose favor due to an outlawing of bullbaiting in cities. Bullbaiting is a canine game sport where participants, normally royalty, pay an entry fee to a bull owner who ties the bull or cow to a steak in the ground and the participant’s dogs compete for pieces of meat off of the live bull. This sounds gruesome, but the sport was not outlawed for animal cruelty, rather virus prevention reasons. However, after being outlawed in the city, the breed was diverged different directions with many offshoots of this breed still popular and prominent to this day. The original bulldog was bred different ways, but typically with larger galloping dogs making them perfect work dogs for farmers…

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  • A Bulldog Compare And Contrast

    Comparison and Contrast Stacianna LaRose So, You Want A Bulldog If you’re like the rest of us, you have probably spent hours watching Facebook videos of Manny the French Bulldog and Tillman the English Bulldog. In doing so, you may have concluded that your family is not complete without a bulldog. But which bully breed is right for you? At first glance, size seems to be the only difference between these flatulent, flat faced fiddos, but looks can be deceiving. The English Bulldog is a…

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  • Haitian Revolution Animal Allegory

    tree to tree. The young panther watched longingly as other little panthers nuzzled with their mothers and rode the backs of their fathers. Zeke was protective of Roy, being the older one, and he growled fiercely as a gaunt dog which Zeke had never seen before wandered dangerously close to the mudhut. Zeke confronted him, his tiny teeth bared, and his claws in full view, ready to pounce. “Who is you? And whaddya want?” “I am merely but an injured bulldog looking for some assistance, do you cats…

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  • Alfred The Great Claim To Be King Essay

    In comparison, The Anglo Saxon Chronicle states that Edgar only met with six kings, and they “plighted their troth to him, that they would be his fellow workers” but did not row him down the River Dee. However, the fact that in 1117 they thought it was plausible that Edgar could control eight other kings, and was the most powerful in the English kingdom, supports he had a valid claim in history to be the king of all England. It is also from a chronicle, which was meant to accurately portray…

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  • Norse And Anglo-Saxon Culture In The Epic Of Beowulf

    Surprisingly, the average person knows very little about Anglo-Saxon culture as well as Norse mythology, despite that fact that traditions, customs, and figures from these cultures permeate all aspects of modern society. From religious practices to pop culture, bits and pieces of Norse and Anglo-Saxon culture impact our daily lives. One of the greatest English Epics is Beowulf. Written in 9th century England, the text describes that tale of a mighty warrior who travels far and wide to defeat…

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  • Beowulf Hero Analysis

    Beowulf is an epic hero and an Anglo- Saxon hero for many different reasons. Other than Beowulf being the central character and presenting himself larger than life, he also is the definition of a hero. When one defines a hero with the values of Anglo- Saxons, the hero would be defined as a man with extraordinary qualities, be honorable, and show bravery. The hero would also have a sense of duty, which in this case means being devoted to one’s people. Beowulf is shown as a hero with…

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  • The Motivations Of Beowulf

    is explaining in his speech that Beowulf's success on defeating both the monsters he faces made him a hero. He explains that he has received fame, that people all over the world will know what he has done to save the people of the Danes. This is part of the Anglo-Saxon code. The people either are a hero from acts such as the one Beowulf performed, or the people give their heros fame, they strive to be like them. Beowulf's motivation to defeat Grendel's mother was to be a hero and have the fame…

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  • Commitatus In Beowulf

    The English epic, Beowulf, though believed to be the story of the successes of one hero, really is a testament to the successes of the society that produced the hero. The ideals such as interlacing and comitatus that were so highly regarded by the society were the main factors in the successes of the Anglo Saxon people. The ideal of comitatus that permeates various aspects of Anglo Saxon society is indicative of the society in which a character such as Beowulf would have existed. Comitatus is a…

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  • The Vikings Raiders

    Common to ancient civilizations and even many countries today is the pitting of countries against each other in an arch rivalry. For the Anglo-Saxon people, this was the Viking raiders. During a time filled with Viking raids, the looming threat of the sea and impossibly quick Viking ships that could come at any moment would indeed seep into the lore of the time. Due to this perpetually overhanging fear, the Vikings’ defining presence left their brand through the stories of the time. The…

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  • Beowulf: Mythological And Archetypal Hero's Quest

    with a call. The call happens when a hero is challenged to embark on a Quest. The hero is called to assist by a god or god-figure. Beowulf, leader of the Geats, is called to save the Danes from a monstrous creature named Grendel, and soon called to kill Grendel’s mother. His mental and physical strength allows him to stand out among his men. Therefore, Beowulf is called. Grendel and his mother are descendants of the biblical figure, Cain, who was cursed by God for murdering his own brother.…

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