Beowulf Hero Analysis

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Beowulf is an epic hero and an Anglo- Saxon hero for many different reasons. Other than Beowulf being the central character and presenting himself larger than life, he also is the definition of a hero. When one defines a hero with the values of Anglo- Saxons, the hero would be defined as a man with extraordinary qualities, be honorable, and show bravery. The hero would also have a sense of duty, which in this case means being devoted to one’s people. Beowulf is shown as a hero with extraordinary strength. Along with the quality of extraordinary strength, Beowulf is an epic hero because he made his purpose in life to help others. Because of his dedication to his purpose, Beowulf eventually sacrifices his own life to help his people. Knowing …show more content…
Beowulf showed a sense of duty by being fully dedicated to his people.Throughout the whole poem, Beowulf showed us that he was selfless. First when he defeated Grendel, and then when he battled the dragon. Beowulf chose the battle because the dragon was destroying his kingdom. He even chose to go alone because he wanted to save people, not to risk lives. After the conquer of the dragon Beowulf doesn’t even ask for a reward for himself but instead insisted on giving the bounty to his kingdom so that they might prosper. Although many define Beowulf as an epic hero because of his strength, the real heroism was shown in Beowulf 's actions by strictly fighting for his people.

Beowulf’s strength solely is not what defeated the dragon. Beowulf was selfless, confident, courageous, brave, and strong. Because of his strength presenting him to be larger than life, and all the outstanding selfless characteristics Beowulf has, the epic heroism stands out. Beowulf inspired others, and showed others the need to have courage in themselves. Beowulf 's strength was shown throughout the whole poem, and throughout all three of his battles. But Beowulf, in the battle against the dragon, showed the qualities that made him a true hero. Beowulf starts as a hero walks away as a defeated

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