Persuasive Essay: Don T Bully My Breed

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Don’t Bully My Breed
“Don’t bully my breed” is a rallying cry currently being used by animal rights activist to advocate for the end of breed discrimination against Pit Bulls and pit bull types. It is critical to understand what a Pit Bull is and what a pit bull type may be. Pit Bulls are known by two official breed names, the American Pit Bull Terrier or APBT, and as the American Staffordshire Terrier or Amstaff. These dogs are described in the Original Dog Bible as medium build dogs that are slightly longer than tall, wedge shaped head, muscular build and with a deep powerful muzzle. It goes on to say the dogs should range from seventeen to twenty-two inches in height and weigh thirty-five to eighty pounds (Mehus-Roe325-326). A pit-bull type
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I fancy myself an expert on the Bulldog family, I have personally owned 10 different types of bulldogs from boxer-pit mixes, full blooded Pit Bulls, and currently own an American Bulldog. Also I have studied the Argentine Bulldog, the Pit Bull terrier, and the now extinct Old English Bulldog extensively. The Old English Bulldog is the original prototype bulldog and not the ill-genetically concocted Modern English Bulldog, a cross of the original and a pug, rendering it a obese, wrinkly faced, and a genetic certainty that it will have breathing problems. The Pit Bull Terrier, originally called the Staffordshire Terrier, is a cross of the Staffordshire Terrier and the Old English Bulldog. The breed began to emerge as the prototype started to lose favor due to an outlawing of bullbaiting in cities. Bullbaiting is a canine game sport where participants, normally royalty, pay an entry fee to a bull owner who ties the bull or cow to a steak in the ground and the participant’s dogs compete for pieces of meat off of the live bull. This sounds gruesome, but the sport was not outlawed for animal cruelty, rather virus prevention reasons. However, after being outlawed in the city, the breed was diverged different directions with many offshoots of this breed still popular and prominent to this day. …show more content…
However, that describes most dogs, the bigger and more aggressive a dog is, the more damage it can inflict no matter the breed. reports, Pit-bulls have a normal functioning non-locking jaw, a normal canine nervous system and feel pain, and have an average bite pressure rating of two hundred and thirty-five pounds per square inch. To give you another example as reference, the Rottweiler’s bite rating was three hundred and twenty-eight pounds per square inch. This was a compilation of quotes from different doctors to debunk several myths about Pit-bulls. As for the aggression of this breed, in her article “What is it About a Pit Bull” published in Modern Dog Magazine, Rose Frosek

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