Informative Essay On Pitbull

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Do these puppies look vicious? I hope everyone's answer was a no because they are not they are the most lovable, loyal, and trustworthy dogs a girl could dream of. These puppies are my best friends and I hope everyone would feel safe being around them. But I haven’t told you the “scary” part yet these dogs are Pitbulls yes the “scary” breed of dogs that most people hate. Here's a little background information of what a Pitbull actually is not one specific breed even though that’s what many think it is actually a group of breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and other similar looking dogs. Pitbulls are often seen as very aggressive and vicious dogs. But that's the not the truth not all Pitbulls are aggressive and vicious that's just …show more content…
There are many people that believe the myths that are out in the world about Pit Bulls but will never actually do any research to dig deeper to learn about them. If these dogs were so vicious we wouldn’t be using them as service dogs or even as police dogs. People are a reason Pit Bulls are seen as vicious people teach them to be like that, We also have people that own apartment complexes or even people that own deed restricting housing think Pitbulls are very bad and we can’t even get insurance on our dogs if we have Pitbulls so if something were to happen and a Pitbull bit another dog they would have to pay money out of there pocket if there was any injuries and in the end they would have to put that Pitbull down because of that. I hope this essay can change at least change the way people view Pitbulls and for them to actually dig deeper and do some research about these dogs. There is not also negative things to say about Pit Bulls there are some great stories that show the best in these dogs. There’s nothing to be scared of it's a dog that has a bad name and they turn out to be the most lovable and loyal dog you’ll ever

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