Boston Terrier History

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**Origin: The Boston Terrier is one of American's native breeds. Robert C. Hooper of Boston Massachusetts purchased a dog, that had been imported from England, from William O'Brian. This dog was known as Judge or Hooper's Judge. He was a cross breed between a English Bulldog and a White English Terrier. His head was squared and blocky and he had a nearly even mouth. Judge weighed about 32 pounds and was rather tall stationed. His color was dark brindle.
**By the year 1891, the Boston Terrier was an established breed. Off springs consistently looked like their sire and dam. The breeders formed the American Bull Terrier Club in Boston, and applied to the American Kennel Club for membership. The Boston Terrier looked nothing like the Bullterrier
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However now, mostly white with small dark markings are becoming popular also. The head is in porportion to the size of the dog and the expression indicates a high degree of intelligence. The body is rather short and well knit, the limbs strong and neatly turned, the tail is short and no feature is so prominent that the dog appears badly porportioned. The dog conveys an impression of determination, strength and activity, with style of a high order: carriage easy and …show more content…
Their kind and gentle disposition have won them the name of the American Gentleman, a name rightly given, and as companions or house pets, they have few equals. The breed likes to learn and therefore is not difficult to teach. Their intelligence ensures they pick things up quickly. They are most reliable with children and especially good with elderly people and very friendly to strangers. The Boston Terrier is playful, very affectionate and likes to be part of the family. They get along well with non-canine pets and get along well with other family pets if introduced to them at a young age. He is loving and sensitive, merry and bright, at times a clown and has deep love for his family and children. The Boston Terrier is not a fighter, yet can more than take care of itself should the need arise. It is often protective of its owner. This along with its small size, makes the Boston terrier a popular

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