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  • Depression And Anxiety Disorders Case Study

    At the time of evaluation, Mrs. Smith was a 54-year-old white married heterosexual female that was referred by her PCP, Dr. Dell, to assess her psychological and emotional functioning. Specifically, Mrs. Smith complained of headaches, stomach aches, and chest pains, along with depressive and anxious symptoms. Furthermore, Mrs. Smith shared that she felt overly emotional when confronted with stressful situations, which has worsened in the past six months and caused her to feel tearful, fatigued, and easily overwhelmed. In addition, she has experienced less sleep, a reduced appetite, and ruminations. Mrs. Smith’s test results, combined with her self-reported information, indicated situational stress that significantly impacted her psychological functioning. Her scores on the WAIS-IV, specifically on the PRI, indicated her fluid intelligence is below average when compared to her peers. In addition, Mrs. Smith acknowledged feelings of depression and…

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  • Protein Test May Ensure Quick Diagnosis Of Heart Attack

    great. Research nurses that work in the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Salford Royal Hospital have come up with the prediction that using the protein ‘fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP)’ can help speed up the diagnosis of a heart attack. These research nurses would like to see if this protein will be more effective at detecting heart attacks than the method doctors have at hospitals today. They have discovered that the H-FABP protein rises after the patient has a heart attack. They are running…

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  • Silent Killer Essay

    Some of these diseases develop rapidly and have obvious signs and symptoms while others develop insidiously and have deadly effects. It is important to know that the signs and symptoms of heart disease present themselves different in men versus women (Nursing Update, 2008). More often than not, men will experience chest pain or discomfort in cardiac crisis while women will experience nausea, vomiting, and back or jaw pain. Men are more susceptible to developing heart disease after the age of…

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  • Chest Pain Research Paper

    Chest pain can be caused by many different conditions. There is always a chance that your pain could be related to something serious, such as a heart attack or a blood clot in your lungs. Chest pain can also be caused by conditions that are not life-threatening. If you have chest pain, it is important to follow up with your health care provider for further evaluation. CAUSES Chest pain can be caused by: • Heartburn. • Pneumonia or bronchitis. • Anxiety or stress. • Inflammation around…

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  • Chest Pain Case Study

    Jim has been experiencing chest pain on exertion. Chest pain refers to ache, pressure, stabbing or burning sensation in the chest. Chest pain is a common symptom and one of the commonest reasons for emergency department visits. Chest pain can be a sign of ischemic heart disease (Nilsson 2008, p. 7). Chest pain assessment can help in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes and the identification of patients at immediate risk of adverse clinical events (Czarnecki et al. 2013, p. 1386). When…

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  • Chest Pain Management Case Summary

    emergency room visit at Portsmouth Hospital for chest pain. HPI The patient was seen in the hospital for a similar reason back in March. She reports that the symptoms started very similarly with a pain in her chest area near the sternum. She said, however the pain that she had on September 5th was worse than any pain that she has had in the past. She describes it as a 9/10 on a pain scale. She said she started noticing the pain a little bit around the sternum. It then progressed to go…

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  • Malpractice Case: Alterations In The Emergency Department

    Legal Issues Case Study for Nursing Case 2 Nursing Situation: Cindy Black (fictitious name), a four-year-old child with wheezing, was brought into the emergency room by her mother for treatment at XYZ (fictitious name) hospital at 9:12 p.m. on Friday, May 13. Initial triage assessment revealed that Cindy was suffering from a sore throat, wheezing bilaterally throughout all lung fields, seal-like cough, shortness of breath (SOB), bilateral ear pain. Vital signs on admission were pulse rate 160,…

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  • Functional Movement System Case Study

    increase an athlete’s range of motion to help in prevention of injury. After assessing both subjects functional movement patterns and associated areas of immobility, it was determined that subject 1 was lacking in thoracic, ankle, shoulder, and hip mobility. To begin with, he failed the Impingement clearing test for his right arm and was advised to undergo a thorough medical examination as soon as possible. Also, subject 1 showed symptoms of shoulder immobility during his FMS and post mobility…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Autopsy Room

    The staring contest didn't last long when she broke the silence. "Seven years ago." She felt her body stiffen at her own words, at the mentioned period. Her hand reached for the probe to begin the session, though there wasn't much for her to dissect. This female body was identical to the past victims' bodies she had examined, a penetrated wound in the mid chest area with a missing heart, no signs of struggle or restraint. He cleared his throat and decided to go back on topic. "A female…

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  • 5 Types Of Theories Of Learning

    I chose this particular theory last because combines other theories. Transitional learning is a type of learning based on an individuals perspective due to personal changes that initiated a deep desire to obtain specific knowledge. This type of learning is not generally considered for classes based in EMS but in reality this type of learning occurs daily with providers on the field. An example of this would be a patient that presents with upper abdominal pain and acid reflux type…

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