Descriptive Essay: The Autopsy Room

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"Yes boss, it is the same signature. No, I am still looking into it."

"I understand, a report will be ready when you return. Have a safe trip."

She hung up and placed the phone into her lab coat's pocket before she slid on a new pair of rubber gloves, prepared for another long night in the cold autopsy room. No pun intended, but the cold never bothered her anyway. Securing the procedure mask over her tall nose and thin lips, she focused on the lifeless body that lay face up on the large metal autopsy table. All was quiet and peaceful at this moment in this confined and frigid facility.

Across from her stood a man that was a head taller than her 179 centimeters frame, while she was young, confident, and beautiful, he was everything opposite
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The staring contest didn't last long when she broke the silence.

"Seven years ago." She felt her body stiffen at her own words, at the mentioned period. Her hand reached for the probe to begin the session, though there wasn't much for her to dissect. This female body was identical to the past victims' bodies she had examined, a penetrated wound in the mid chest area with a missing heart, no signs of struggle or restraint.

He cleared his throat and decided to go back on topic. "A female one, couldn't have been more than fifteen, found in an isolated alleyway. The police couldn't ID her and no one claimed her body."

"Right." He wasn't sure if her one word answer was meant for his finding or not. "So including that one, it would confirm my original concern. The murderer is targeting mainly females."

She leaned forward and took a closer look at the hole in the body's chest area, then she used the probe to touch the exposed muscles and pushed the magnifying work lamp closer to her side. Pulling the lamp head down to the hole, she studied the interior and noticed besides the smooth and flat surface of muscles and tissues, there were microscopic black

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