Narrative Essay On Carmilla

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“Where are we going Carmilla? It’s so cold out and we don’t even know where to start.”
“Well if there is anything I’ve learned in the years of criminal justice classes’ I’ve taken. It’s that most victims never end up more than five miles out of their living area.”
“Can you like, steal a car or something. So we don’t have to walk five miles out of the way?”
“Out of the way? You realize that finding Laura and everyone else could be ‘out of the way’ in fucking Switzerland?”
“I-I didn’t mean...”
“No Xena you didn’t mean, because it’s not your girlfriend that has went missing.”
“No it’s not but you know what? I still do care about Laura she’s one of my friends, and I’m just as terrified that she and the rest of them are gone too. I can’t imagine
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“You know what I bet this is. I bet this is come petty attempt by SOMEONE TO GET ME BACK FOR TAKING ALL THOSE GIRLS. IF IT IS THIS SO ISN’T FUNNY.”
Danny looked at her with perhaps the most confused face Carmilla had ever seen. “Just who are you yelling at?”
Carmilla groaned. “Listen… you wouldn’t understand. I don’t think this is all exactly ‘normal’. Do you remember those dreams Laura had before I was supposed to take her?”
“you mean the ones that you, your freak ”brother” and your crazy ex-girlfriend basically haunted her, SJ, Natalie, Elsie, and every other girl you’ve taken the last few centuries.”
“Dammit den mother, I never had any choice in that matter. I hadn’t exactly been having the most normal dreams lately, not Ell standing in a corning singing “Tip toe through the tulips” but not the normal ones I’ve known 300 plus years. When will you stop hanging that over my head? I get it you don’t approve that I had to do things for my mother, but tried my best to stop what I can when I could. I stopped them from getting Laura didn’t I? I sacrificed myself, which I didn’t have to do. I think that whatever big bad was took Laura and everyone else. Not just the angler fish. Not just Mattie, Vordenburg, or even possibly…” Carmilla let out what sounded like an angry purr “You know… my

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