Protein Test May Ensure Quick Diagnosis Of Heart Attack

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In the year of 2014 the month of September an article was published in an ‘Emergency Nurse’ journal. The heading of this article is “Protein Test May Ensure Quick Diagnosis of Heart Attack.” We all know that the odds of knowing when a heart attack may happen are very low. While a group of research nurses have come to the conclusion that you may be able to predict when a heart attack may happen by doing a simple protein test. Heart attacks can be fatal and hard to detect. This is what makes this discovery and hypothesis great.
Research nurses that work in the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Salford Royal Hospital have come up with the prediction that using the protein ‘fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP)’ can help speed up the diagnosis of a
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This “decision rule” plays a key factor on how the test will take place. The research nurses are not just testing with the Fatty Acid Binding Protein, but they are also using another protein called ‘Troponin.’ The results the nurses receive from this protein will be analyzed using patient symptoms and electrocardiogram results. The third thing they are testing to see if it works is blood-troponin levels. These levels rise after the patient has a heart attack. The results of these tests are not delivered fast and therefor can be delayed up to twelve hours. Once all the tests have been completed, the researched nurses will make a decision on which of the three methods is the most effective and generates the most satisfaction with the patients. The research nurses believe that the Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes Decision Rule will be the best method to use, because they receive the results faster. The lead nurse of this research, Rick Body, supports this decision for the same reason, stating that the results take less than twelve …show more content…
This protein is not just composed of one single protein, but of three. There have been many arguments as to whether or not troponin is a useful in order to diagnose different heart disorders. In the case of these research nurses, the ability to decipher on whether or not a civilian has had a heart attack. Not only is this protein able to help doctors with myocardial infractions, but also help them see if a hearts muscles cells have died. After a patient has had a heart attack, an increase level of troponin is found in the blood system. The raise of this protein level can indicate a heart

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